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HAMK’s strategy extends to the year 2030. It guides the entire organisation and defines the key objectives that we are determined to achieve.

HAMK 2030 – the most inspiring and the most workplace-oriented

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is a learning and research community for those who want to take action and build our shared future.

We are a university of applied sciences profiling in high-quality education based on applied research. We cooperate actively with companies and the public and third sectors. We are a bold and creative reformer whose operations are useful and impactful. Our success is measured in actions and results.

Our graduates use their competence to make the world a better place. Our applied research generates competitiveness, sustainability and well-being. It is a strategic choice for us to be an internationally and nationally networked European University.

We have the most competent community

We at HAMK develop our competence purposefully, and boldly set ourselves increasingly challenging strategic goals. We have high-quality operating methods and environments that ensure that our expertise is up to date and competitive.

Our aim is for HAMK’s competence capital to keep growing and to focus on the future. HAMK personnel have international and flexible career paths and opportunities to grow into new roles.

Developing competence and
learning is at our core

We provide students with an excellent learning experience and prepare them for the evolving working life. We guide our students to cultivate creativity and critical thinking in a complex operating environment. We take competence to a new level in both degree education and the provision of continuous learning.

Our education is based on HAMK’s internationally recognised competence and research in higher education pedagogy. Learning is realised through phenomena-based modules that promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Our students are owners of their own learning, and teachers act as enablers of new learning. Education is implemented using three models suitable for different learners (8–16, 18–100 and 24/7). We utilise both our unique campuses and digital learning environments in a way that promotes learning.

Module workplace projects, the Entrepreneurial University and the Design Factory are a key part of the students’ and teachers’ workplace relationships. Entrepreneurship is a real alternative for each student.

European University allows us to improve the level of international competence and new paths, from Bachelor’s degrees to doctoral education.

Our research
reforms society

At HAMK, we engage in research cooperation with companies and partners to make the world a better place. Education and research support each other seamlessly. They produce practical, meaningful results and promote the vitality, well-being and sustainability of our society.

We work together to build three essential innovation ecosystems: Smart Systems and Biotechnology, Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, and Smart Future Education and Capacity Building. They are based on the strong competence of our research units.

We work actively as part of the research community of the European University and international ecosystems.

Our applied research is relevant and of high quality. Our funding base is broad, and we will expand it especially through funding from companies and international sources.

Our community is active,
international and growing

HAMK is an active and communal higher education institution that has a positive impact on the entire operating area. We cooperate with students, alumni and work-life. Our operations are goal-oriented, multiprofessional and multidisciplinary.

We continuously assess our work, results and competence. We value competence and we take care of the well-being of our higher education community.

We are seeking growth in the education export, education services and in our research activities. Our strong economy allows for development investments.

We develop our operations and campuses efficiently and appropriately so that they support the growth and vitality of the region and the society around us. The key factors of our future include competence, entrepreneurial and productive operations and controlled growth.

Influential HAMK

We are strongly committed to fostering the development of our area. Together, we work every day to make the world a better place, one step at a time.

Tummatukkainen nainen istuu luokassa katsoo kameran ohi ja hymyilee. takana muita ihmisiä istumassa.


In one way or another, internationality is part of everything we do. We are a truly international and diverse university of applied sciences, with graduates who have the diverse skills required in the global world of work.


The steps of HAMK’s sustainable development programme are put into practice in education, research and our everyday work.

RUN European University

HAMK is part of RUN European University, which brings together eight European higher education institutions from seven countries committed to a common vision.


We want to raise accessibility above the statutory minimum defined in a wide range of normative regulations and guidelines. 

Opettaja ja kaksi opiskelijaa

Quality system

Our operations and operational management are based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle model.

Every giant leap starts with a small step