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Study Modes and Methods

As a student at HAMK, you can plan your studies flexibly according to your own life situation.

Want to study full-time on campus or alongside work?

Different Teaching Formats

At HAMK, studies are organized as either full-time studies with contact lessons or part-time studies with multiform learning or online studies. You can find all of HAMK’s programmes and courses categorized by teaching formats in our Education Search:

Study Modes at HAMK

Full-time Studies, 8–16: Invest in campus-based learning

  • Your studies at HAMK are all about full-time engagement on campus. Dive into vibrant communities, working collaboratively on your studies with professionals from companies and your future colleagues. Take charge of your learning journey, addressing real challenges as a team. Develop skills to bettermake and elevate the future workplace, understanding the pivotal role of sustainability and interdisciplinary approaches in every field.
  • This mode of study is perfect if you want the best guidance from our staff to support your personal growth. Classes run Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm, offering face-to-face teaching. In addition to guided learning, you collaborate with your peers and work independently on study-related tasks.

Part-time Education, 18–100: Elevate your skills while working 

  • Part-time education primarily involves online studies and learning within a group. The curriculum also includes interesting implementations or intensive sessions on our campuses – either mandatory or optional, depending on the program.
  • This part-time education format is for you if you have work experience and can study independently while working. The programs are structured to be completed alongside work and other aspects of life. As the name suggests, this model is suitable for individuals aged 18 to 100! Guidance is available but less extensive than in daytime studies.
  • If you work in a field related to your studies, you have the opportunity to use your workplace as your learning environment, leveraging and developing your work as part of your studies. You can also demonstrate existing skills through demonstrations, reducing your study time.

Accelerated Learning, 24/7: Customize your studies and study independently online

  • The Accelerated Learning is for you if you’re eager to fast-track through your studies. You already have work experience and a strong ability to work independently and systematically. You blend your studies, demonstrations, and development projects seamlessly to craft a curriculum that suits you perfectly. You know what you want, and you’re in control of building your own goals.
  • Your studies mostly happen online, or if you prefer, with face-to-face teaching on campus based on your chosen courses. Work closely with your study counselor to create a personalized study plan, and then independently follow and track your progress. You move forward systematically and proactively, making innovative use of various opportunities to learn.
  • Guidance is available, although not as extensive as in daytime studies. The accelerated learning demands even more initiative from you compared to regular blended learning. If you’re keen on accelerating your studies, start by enrolling in full-time or part-time studies. Reflect on how you’re ready to speed up your studies, and then reach out to your study counselor.

Different Ways to Study

At HAMK, we’re developing new, innovative study methods. Our goal is to offer you versatile expertise, allowing you to choose studies that suit you best. We hope to inspire you to try something entirely new!

Kaksi opiskelijaa vierekkäin pöydän ääressä
Entrepreneurial University

Entrepreneurship is about recognizing opportunities, innovative capabilities, and the ability to create something new. In an Entrepreneurial university, learning happens through collaboration and experimentation!

Design Factory

Design Factory is an learning environment that brings together businesses, students, teachers, and researchers. Join projects where you develop new solutions alongside students from various fields!

Neljä henkilöä seisomassa pöydän äärellä
RUN-EU studies

HAMK is part of the RUN-European University, consisting of nine European universities. You can take advantage of the amazing opportunities RUN offers to gather international study experiences!

Exchange Studies

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to explore the world. We encourage all our students to seize the chance and go abroad for an exchange. Will you go too?

Vaaleahiuksinen henkilö valkoisessa paidassa
HAMK’s study options

We offer you a wide range of studies that you can choose as part of your degree. Additionally, you can select components from other HAMK degrees. You can also utilize your previously acquired skills, for example, from Scouting!

Opiskelija seisoo aulassa kannettava tietokone kainalossaan ja katsoo suoraan kameraan.
Cross-Institutional Studies

As a student at HAMK, you have the opportunity to complete studies at other universities as well! This is cross-studying, aiming for you to study comprehensive subjects that support your own goals.