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Student in a Finnish forest ready to study at HAMK
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Welcome to HAMK, you’re here to make a change

Who we are?

Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK is a learning and research community of people driven to make a positive impact on the world.

We are a team of approximately 10 000 people shaping the future of bioeconomy, business, design, education, health and technology. Our presence spans across seven campuses, online, and internationally. As a student, we offer you excellent tools and environments to work and engage in meaningful actions together.

Study at HAMK – you are here to make a change!

What do we offer you?

At HAMK, you’ll find education in seven different fields. We provide you with various options, starting from your first Bachelor’s degree to further studies to support your career development.

Application for the degree studies

If your goal is a degree at HAMK, explore our educational options available during different application periods:

Direct Application to HAMK, Bachelor’s

Longer application period and international application methods are availble in HAMK’s direct application for most of our English-taught Bachelor’s programmes.

Direct Application to HAMK, Master’s

Apply to HAMK’s English-taught master’s programmes directly during our application in February – March. You will get your results in May and start your studies on next August

Finnish Joint Application, January

In January, application is open for English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Finnish Higher education institutes. One application, multiple choices.

Joint Application: Teacher Education, January

In January, you can also apply for professional teacher education programmes.

Summer Application, August

During the summer, we finalize student selections for programmes. The programs available for application will be published by the last week of June.

How to apply to HAMK?

Read more about applying for a degree and the admission requirements to HAMK.
Explore the various diverse ways to start your studies at HAMK as well.

Exchange Studies at HAMK

Welcome to start your Exchange Studies with us! Our Exchange Programme is meant for you, if you study in one of our 120 partner institutions around the world.

Studying in Finland

Finland is a great place to study! Here are some information for international applicants:

Our campuses

Seven of our campuses are located across Kanta-Häme and Pirkanmaa, in Finland. Each campus offers modern, up-to-date study environments closely connected to today’s working life. Additionally, we provide an excellent online platform for online studies. When you study at HAMK, all of your compulsory studies will be arranged in your home campus. You are still more than welcome to visit or pick studies at the other campuses.


Our unique forest campus offers students high quality forest studies in Finnish and English, both in the classroom and in the forest.

Vanha punatiilinen tehdas joka nykyään kampus. pääsisäänkäynti ja edessä vihreitä istutuksia.


Our Forssa campus is located in an old cotton mill, which has been stylishly renovated for HAMK. A cultural centre has been created in the spinning mill area, which, in addition to the school, is home to a community college, a music college, museums, businesses, a library, a bowling alley and restaurants.


Our evolving, growing and modern main campus, Hämeenlinna University Centre brings together thousands of students and hundreds of employees. Our extensive campus area offers a wide range of facilities and services for studying and research in different fields.

Rakennus Lepaalla


With farm landscapes, tomato production and 20 hectares of parkland, our Lepaa campus gives you a taste of horticulture up close. The campus has a long tradition of training horticultural professionals for over 100 years, since 1910.

Mustialan kampuksen päärakennus. Punatiilinen kaksikerroksinen rakennus. Etualalla nurmikkoa ja kukkivia puita.


Historic Mustiala, located in a peaceful rural setting, is HAMK’s oldest campus, dating back to 1840. Today, the old and idyllic buildings are surrounded by an advanced organic teaching and research farm, providing students with a hands-on learning environment.

Riihimäen korkeakoulun etuovi. Oven päällä suuri purjekangas. Monikerroksinen talo, osa seinistä ikkunoita.


Diverse engineering skills, robotics and transport, you’ll find it all at the Riihimäki campus. The campus offers both Finnish- and English-language engineering courses, graduating future all-rounders. In addition to teaching, the campus also does a lot of research work.

Valkeakosken kampuksen etuala, valkoinen iso rakennnus, edessä vihreitä istutuksia.


A truly international learning environment can be found in Valkeakoski! Located in the South-Pirkanmaa region of Finland, our Valkeakoski campus is modern and community-oriented.

Why to choose HAMK?

We want to provide you with the best tools for your future career. That’s why we offer a wide range of individualized ways to learn and study, along with various opportunities to tailor your studies to suit your needs. Study at HAMK for open the opportunities.

Kaksi opiskelijaa vierekkäin pöydän ääressä
Entrepreneurial university

Entrepreneurship is about recognizing opportunities, innovation capability, and the ability to create something new. In an entrepreneurial university, learning happens through collaboration and experimentation!

Design Factory

Design Factory is an operational and learning environment that brings together businesses, students, teachers, and researchers. Join projects where you develop new solutions together with students from various fields!

Neljä henkilöä seisomassa pöydän äärellä
RUN EU -studies

HAMK is part of the RUN-Europe University, comprised of nine European universities. You can leverage the fantastic opportunities provided by RUN Europe University for accumulating international study experiences!

Exchange Studies

Exchange studies are a unique opportunity to explore the world. We encourage all our students to seize the chance and go abroad for an exchange. Will you go too?

Vaaleahiuksinen henkilö valkoisessa paidassa
HAMK’s Study Selection

We offer you a wide range of studies that you can choose as part of your degree. You can also select modules from other degrees at HAMK. Or why not utilize the expertise you’ve gained previously, for example, from scouting!

Opiskelija seisoo aulassa kannettava tietokone kainalossaan ja katsoo suoraan kameraan.
Cross-Institutional Studies

As a student at HAMK, you have the opportunity to take courses at other universities as well! It’s called cross-institutional studying, aiming to allow you to study comprehensive units that support your own goals.