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RUN European University

HAMK is part of RUN European University, which brings together eight European higher education institutions from seven countries committed to a common vision.

We’re creating a regional development-oriented European University

RUN-EU (The Regional University Network – European University) brings together eight European higher education institutions from seven different countries, all committed to a common vision. They aim to secure economical, societal, cultural and ecological sustainable progress within their regions and among stakeholders.

Since 2020, the universities of RUN-EU, including HAMK, have jointly implemented short and flexible student and staff mobility, established research cooperation and research teams, introduced doctoral pathways, designed and launched dual and joint degrees, and started to build common administrative structures. RUN’s second funding period began in 2024.

All of the participating higher education institutions are located outside the metropolitan areas and are major regional players. The network is coordinated by Technological University of the Shannon (Ireland).

HAMK’s responsibility at RUN-Europe University is in particular to develop pedagogy and to identify the skills needed for the future and to build the related competitiveness. This also includes piloting the Design Factory concept as part of the development of education.

What is RUN-EU?

  • 8 European higher education institutions from 7 different countries
  • Established in 2020
  • In total 76 500 students, 8000 staff members
Map of Europe. RUN-EU countries are highlighted

The RUN European University consists of 8 HEIs: 

Our students will inherit the future

RUN European University aims to develop high quality teching and reasearch, which develop skills needed in the future societies. 

For students, RUN European University creates new possibilities for short, international study modules – and also more traditional study exchange opportunities. We are developing new double degrees, which offer students possibilites to study their degree in two different countries and get a degree certificate from both universities. 

One of RUN-EU’s ambitious goals is to open up 24 new double degree programmes.

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Research and innovation to meet the challenges of the future

At the core of RUN-EU’s research, development and innovation activities are three thematic areas:

  • Future and Sustainable Industries
  • Bioeconomy
  • Social innovation

Research collaboration is developed through joint reseach groups, projects and short-term staff mobility periods. RUN-EU is building European Innovation Hubs as environments for joint research, development and innovation.

Together with business and industry, we are building workplace-oriented master’s and doctoral degrees. HAMK is responsible for developing career paths for researchers, ensuring guidance and actively promoting the establishment of a bioeconomy-based innovation cluster in Häme region.


The RUN-EU+ project primarily focuses on enhancing the development of R&I with and for Society through the development and deployment of collaborative professional practice-based research degrees across the RUN-EU alliance.

Creating the skills of the future together with regional partners

Regional partners are strongly involved in the activities and development of RUN-Europe. From Finland, the Häme Regional Council and Häme Entrepreneurs are involved.

We are constantly looking for partners for RDI projects and student projects!

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