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75 HAMK students to participate in field challenges in Africa

Häme University of Applied Sciences is actively operating in Africa through collaborative projects in education, research and business. Through the projects, students will have various opportunities to expand their international competencies.

An informational webinar for students’ international opportunities in Africa was held on 19th May, with discussion about HAMK’s capacity-building projects in Africa and collaboration with the Ambitious.Africa initiative. Students actively asked detailed questions in the interactive webinar, showing interest toward these coming possibilities.

“Collaborating with Ambitious.Africa and participating in HAMK’s African projects will give limitless opportunities for students in Europe and in Africa. I highly recommend HAMK students to participate in these projects and soon to have a team Opportunity Africa with driven students from different disciplines”, says Minnamari Kuusisto, Bioeconomy Engineering student at HAMK.

HAMK is coordinating three capacity-building projects in Africa: AgriSCALE, FOREST21 and PBL-BioAfrica. Through these projects, 75 HAMK students will participate in field challenges to solve real-life problems by working in international teams. In addition, more students will have opportunities in participating online projects and company assignments, collaborating with students from HAMK’s partner universities in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.

The real-life field challenges trips consist of a two-week field trip in one of the African countries, as well as online collaboration before and after the travel. Students that attend the field projects must first complete the courses Cross-cultural communication and Sustainable Society and Global Economy. Both courses are worth 5 ECTs and can be completed independently. From the end of 2021, both courses can be attended at any time. The field challenges will begin in the spring of 2022, if the global situation allows, and HAMK covers all costs in traveling and accommodation.

The projects are about building educational capacity in bioeconomy and agriculture, but students from all disciplines are eligible for applying for the programmes.

In addition to the field courses, students have had and will have opportunities to participate in Africa-related online projects and assignments, as well as to join the Ambitious.Africa team.

“Through participating in these activities, students gain both credits and skills. We are constantly expanding our network with motivated young people to find new ways of collaborating in education, entrepreneurship or entertainment”, explained Ms Jennifer Ohemeng, volunteer at Ambitious.Africa and the host of HAMK’s informational webinar.

“Ambitious.Africa is about bringing the young people here in Europe together with the young people in Africa, and seeing how we can work together and learn from each other”, elaborated Peter Vesterbacka, one of the key people behind Ambitious.Africa.

Interested? For more information, please contact

Ulla-Maija Knuutti
Senior Lecturer
HAMK Sustainable Development Degree Programme
Tel. +358 46 8567 699