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Home A Concrete Construction Course Developed for Lujabetoni Becomes Part of the Open University of Applied Sciences’ Curriculum

A Concrete Construction Course Developed for Lujabetoni Becomes Part of the Open University of Applied Sciences’ Curriculum

The current job market situation demands practical measures. A jointly developed course with HAMK provides a good understanding of the fundamentals of the concrete industry.

The state of the job market has led many job seekers to consider options beyond their own field.

“Just two decades ago, we didn’t have people applying for jobs who weren’t trained in the construction industry,” says Kari Turunen, the head of Lujabetoni’s concrete elements unit.

“Now, applicants may have backgrounds in economics, mechanical engineering, or automation. Through training, they also get the necessary basic information about concrete as a material.”

Lujabetoni is Finland’s leading industrial concrete company, with operations also in Sweden. Turunen describes the company’s work as being based on various forms of concrete technology.

“Regardless of the product, the material is the same. One must understand and know its principles,” he summarizes.

HAMK’s course on the Fundamentals of Concrete Construction was originally created to meet the training needs of Lujabetoni. Lujabetoni has been involved in producing course materials in collaboration with HAMK, and several Finnish experts in the concrete field have also participated in the production of the material.

This part-time, advanced-level education course in concrete and concrete construction, which adds and deepens basic skills, is now also part of the Open University of Applied Sciences’ offering. This way, the training reaches an even larger number of students on a national scale and enhances the overall competence in the concrete industry.

“We’ve received nothing but positive feedback about the training. It’s clearly in demand,” Turunen states.

He commends HAMK as an exceptionally service-oriented partner that responds quickly to the needs of the workforce.

“HAMK has a positive attitude toward the business world and is actively exploring various possibilities for collaboration,” says Turunen.

HAMK has been collaborating with Lujabetoni ever since the company arrived in Hämeenlinna in 1988. Turunen sees one of the greatest advantages of the partnership as the development of construction industry education in the right direction for the future.

“We’ll continue to need a skilled workforce in the future. The concrete industry will face numerous challenges related to issues such as low carbon emissions. The fundamental knowledge that HAMK offers to young people is crucial,” he says.

“As a partner, we promote the development of education, offer practical experience from working life, and, naturally, together we make Häme a stronger region.”

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