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Home Accessibility affairs in May 2023

Accessibility affairs in May 2023

Accessibility experts gathered on 16 May 2023 for the last meeting of the semester in Teams. Issues discussed at the meeting included:

In cooperation between information management and library and information services, a survey of the accessibility of information systems is being prepared. HAMK has a huge variety of different IT systems, and in the first phase, the systems used by students are selected from the portfolio. The work proceeds so that the systems’ admin users contact the supplier and ask for answers on the current state of accessibility and potential future plans. To support the admins, a common cover template and a survey have been prepared to collect the data.

A new financial management information system is being introduced in financial services. When the procurement of the new system began, the accessibility criteria had not yet been defined. EmCe365 is therefore not accessible in terms of usability (i.e. it cannot be used with assistive technologies alone), but it is capable of producing content that is accessible to end users, i.e. Excel spreadsheets or PowerBI data.

Strategic Communications has trained HR services personnel in accessibility. The training is tailored specifically to HAMK’s needs. The content will be renewed somewhat with the brand renewal in the autumn, but the core content and the goal remain the same: to help HAMK employees produce accessible content in their work.

Sports services is currently building a new gym in Mustiala. At the same time, a major renovation of the Hämeenlinna sports hall is about to begin. The aim is to provide accessible and pleasant spaces for students and other users.

Real estate services is mapping the physical accessibility of campuses through accessibility walks. They involve entering buildings from the parking lot for people with reduced mobility and examining classrooms and other services from the perspective of accessibility. The work is based on previous surveys carried out by students. Also on the agenda is ensuring the accessibility of instructions, i.e. safety and rescue plans.