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Pirita Rantala

Pirita Rantala

Project Worker

About me

I do all sorts of project work at the HAMK Smart Research Unit. My background is in environmental science and biology, so I’m most familiar with the biological, chemical, and physical phenomena of living nature, as well as human-oriented environmental health. Currently, I’m studying more statistics and coding, mainly using Python and C++.

I’m also skilled in shoemaking — I graduated as a shoemaker and cobbler when the training was offered at the Visamäki campus.

My projects


  • KOTILO – Engaging Consumers in Promoting Source Waste Sorting
  • OPTIMA – Optimization of Circular Economy Material Flow Logistics
  • BioKanta – Carbon-wise biogas and nutrients for circulation in Kanta-Häme


  • VÄLKKY – Green intelligent services in the development of circular economy companies