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Home Häme University of Applied Sciences is one of Etelä-Häme OP Cooperative Bank’s most important recruitment channels

Häme University of Applied Sciences is one of Etelä-Häme OP Cooperative Bank’s most important recruitment channels

The cooperation has lasted nearly thirty years and has proved fruitful for both parties. This long, shared history manifests as a fine continuum.

“Our shared goal is to foster future working life experts,” says Meri-Tuulia Huurreniemi, Account Director at Etelä-Häme OP Cooperative Bank, on the subject of the partnership between the bank and HAMK.

The cooperation has continued since at least 1996. During that year, the Hämeenlinnan Seudun Osuuspankki of the time became one of the founding members of the Häme Foundation for Professional Higher Education and Research.

Etelä-Häme OP Cooperative Bank offers many internships and summer jobs to HAMK students. OP cooperative bank experts often visit the institution as guest lecturers and students also conduct thesis work at OP.

“HAMK students are motivated and interested in the financial sector. Many of them start working while still studying. We are happy to cheer on skilled young people and encourage them to finish their studies.”

Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK is an important recruitment channel for the bank. Of the one hundred and thirty employees working at OP Etelä-Häme, as many as forty, or one third, are HAMK graduates – including Huurreniemi.

Meri-Tuulia Huurreniemi

“My first job at the Etelä-Häme OP Cooperative Bank was a summer job in 2009,” says Huurreniemi.

This long cooperation manifests as a fine continuum. About ten years ago, Huurreniemi began her career at the bank under the instruction of an older HAMK alumna.

“Tuire, the supervisor in question, still works here, though in a slightly different position,” says Huurreniemi.

In late 2023, OP Etelä-Häme will merge with OP Päijät-Häme and become OP Häme. Cooperation with HAMK will continue as before and may even grow.

“We are currently planning financial business lectures, a module that will begin at HAMK in early 2024,” says Huurreniemi.

“This cooperation enables us to coach young people in making improved financial decisions. This is one way we can make the world a better place.”

The Bettermaker Partners

At HAMK, we work with around a thousand companies and organisations every year. Together with our partners, we bettermake the world with commitment and a long-term perspective.

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