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Home HAMK and 3DBear Participate in an International Artificial Intelligence Experiment – ”Simulation Pedagogy Is Here to Stay”

HAMK and 3DBear Participate in an International Artificial Intelligence Experiment – “Simulation Pedagogy Is Here to Stay”

Teachers at Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK have created an artificial intelligence character that coaches students for job interview situations. The Creative Director of 3DBear expresses gratitude for the collaboration.

Aino Hamkinen is an experienced, positive, and encouraging recruiter in the field of social work. She has dark bobbed hair, a pure white turtleneck, and stylish eyeglasses. Despite many students at Häme University of Applied Sciences having encountered Hamkinen and engaged in entirely rational conversations with her, she is not real.

“Aino is part of an artificial intelligence project initiated by our partner, Wonda VR, last spring,” says Pekka Salokannel, Creative Director and Co-founder of 3DBear, a producer of simulation pedagogy.

The project, which examines the usability of artificial intelligence in distance and hybrid education as well as digital learning, mainly involves American schools such as Harvard Business School and North Carolina State University. HAMK, which has a close collaboration with 3DBear, is the only Finnish institution participating.

Pekka Salokannel

Salokannel speculates that simulations, previously mainly known in pilot training, are here to stay in various fields. He sees it as a motivating way to learn.

“Books are not the most engaging option for today’s youth. Aino Hamkinen coaches students for job interview situations, but with the available technology, we can also simulate all kinds of everyday work situations, such as medication administration or the use of electrical hall equipment,” Salokannel explains.

360 or 3D simulations can provide an authentic learning environment and real job tasks to students regardless of their location. This way, workplace or safety skills can be developed during the study period.

Salokannel mentions that, even though 3DBear collaborates with numerous Finnish universities of applied sciences and vocational schools, the partnership with HAMK is particularly close.

“For example, we have supported HAMK’s teachers in learning about simulation pedagogy and carried out this AI experiment, where a conversational AI character was created in collaboration with HAMK’s social and healthcare educators, on a fast schedule,” Salokannel lists.

Significant are also the joint simulation pedagogy projects in Tanzania between 3DBear and HAMK. The third project aimed at the region will begin in 2024.

“Through collaboration and technologies, the accessibility and quality of education improve. This way, we can make learning and motivating exercises available to individuals for whom participating in education has previously been practically impossible.”

The Bettermaker Partners

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