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Home There’s still time to get a study place for autumn! Our summer application is open from 27 July to 3 August 2023.

There’s still time to get a study place for autumn! Our summer application is open from 27 July to 3 August 2023.

You can still join HAMK’s degree programmes starting next autumn 2023. In the summer application organized from July 27 – August 3, 2023, you can apply for places left unfilled in the spring joint and direct application. In addition to the summer application for Bachelor’s degrees, studies can be accessed through open higher education studies, path studies, expert training and higher education diplomas.

Bachelor’s degree programmes open for summer application

In the summer application, you can apply for bachelor’s degree programmes starting in the fall of 2023. There are two bachelor’s degree programmes available in English:

Students for International Business part-time are selected on the basis of their educational background. Please notice that the studies are conducted completely online! Therefore, students from non-EU/EEA countries cannot apply for the study-based residence permit. 

Smart and Sustainable Design students are selected on the basis of design task and interview. The design task needs to be done during 5-6 August and the applicants who pass it are invited to the interview either on August 8 or August 11. The results will be published latest on August 15. Please notice that the studies already start on Wednesday, 16 August 2023. If you are not yet in Finland and need time to come to the campus, you may start your studies online. However, you must arrive in Finland and start your contact lessons by the beginning of the second module, which is  October 23, 2023. Otherwise, you cannot start your studies in 2023. 

Develop your skills with open university studies

HAMK’s open UAS studies are for those who want to study in a university of applied sciences. If you are interested in developing yourself or your professional skills or you want to update the know-how you already have with specific study units or courses, choose Open Studies at Häme University of Applied Sciences if.

Open UAS includes open studies and Study Paths. All studies on these pages are university level and they are selected parts from degrees to match the different needs of our open university students. The difference between Study Path and Open Studies is that the student who chooses Study Path aims at becoming a degree student by studying the whole first academic year with the other first year students of the Bachelor’s degree or the first semester of the Master’s degree with the Master’s degree students.

Enrollment for HAMK’s open university studies begins on August 1, 2023 at 8:00 a.m (Finnish time UTC+3)

Please notice: As Open Studies are not leading to a degree, it is not possible to get a residence permit only for Open Studies nor study paths.