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Opiskelijoita pyorean poydan aaressa

Network ITTVET/2019


About the project

ITTVET is a Nordic Network project co funded by Nordplus and it responds to Nordic and Baltic VET institutions´ need for competent and internationally experienced teachers. To ensure this kind of results an international vocational teacher education must be provided. The project is establishing a new long-term Nordplus network collecting vocational teacher education providers from three higher education institutions from Sweden (Stockholm University), Estonia (Tallinn University) and Finland (Häme University of Applied Sciences). 


This will be a new partnership for all partners; however, all partners have experience in Nordplus projects. The partners are chosen by their shared common interests in developing vocational teacher
training research-based; international competence development of student teachers and their teachers, home internationalisation, multicultural education, online learning and digitalisation, guidance
counselling, special needs education, and international research. The special need within the network partners is to build short-term exchange programmes and home internationalisation activities for their part-time students who in most cases are working or teaching in VET institutions and are hence not able to participate in semester-long study abroad programmes. The network’s aim is to invite new partners to join future projects. The project period is 15.5.2019-1.5.2021. 

The objectives for the network activity are

1) to build opportunities for student teachers’ international competence development (i.e. study abroad programmes and home internationalisation) 
2) to offer a networking platform for student teachers with Nordic and Baltic VET institutions
3) to increase teacher mobility
4) to plan curriculum development work based on a common European framework