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Promoting students’ employment and settling down in Kanta-Häme

Project information

NamePromoting students’ employment and settling down in Kanta-Häme
Duration1.3.2023 – 31.8.2025
PartnersHämeenlinnan kaupunki (hallinnoija),
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu,
Koulutuskuntayhtymä Tavastia,
Linnan Kehitys Oy
FunderCo-Funded by European Social Fund plus (ESF+), with the Häme ELY Centre as the national funding authority.
Budget143 246€ (HAMK’s part)

Graduates moving outside of Hämeenlinna and Kanta-Häme to other regions for work is a topical and clear challenge.

At the same time, companies in the region see the availability of skilled labour as one of the key factors limiting growth. The business sector has expressed its strong concern about the availability of current and, in particular, future skilled labour through the Business Haavi survey conducted by Linna Kehitys Oy (conducted annually for approximately 3,000 companies) and in numerous local and national studies conducted for the business sector. Based on newly completed data, more than 100 companies are experiencing a labour shortage and about 200 companies are hoping for more cooperation with educational institutions in the region. It is also essential to identify the opportunities in the business sector and make them visible, attractive alternatives.

The project on the promotion of students’ employment and settling in Kanta-Häme will address
these challenges by developing career guidance, employment and the coordination of services
that support studies, service paths, networking between educational institutions and companies,
student rental activities, communications and more detailed expert profiles based on business
needs. The project also supports the expertise in Hämeenlinna and the entire region, the
competitiveness of the region and the preconditions for versatile entrepreneurship. Those settling down in Hämeenlinna and the region increase the population number, generate tax revenue and influence the age structure and thus also the dependency ratio.

The project is closely linked to the Häme 2022-2025 Regional Programme for Sustainable
Growth and supports its objectives by, for example, strengthening competence, employment,
participation and inclusion. With the help of the project, it will be possible to combine existing
diverse services for finding employment and engaging students in the region into more
customer-friendly and seamless functional entities, which also serves the work of specialists in
the field, the effectiveness of the work and the systematic distribution of expert knowledge. The
project also experiments with the new use of social media target group channels. If successful,
the project and its actions will contribute to strengthening the attractiveness, vitality and financial
management of Hämeenlinna and the entire region. An increasing number of students will find
employment in companies or entrepreneurs in the region. The project has the prereguisites for
strengthening perceived well-being through employment.


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