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Research grants available

The Häme Foundation for Higher Vocational Education and Research awards grants for research projects supporting the regions of Kanta-Häme and South Pirkanmaa. The application period for the grants starts on 1.2.2024 and ends on 28.2.2024 at 16.00.

The grants are open to all and will be awarded according to the following criteria:

Young researcher, 5000 euro grant or grants

To support research and development activities that benefit the region of Häme University of Applied Sciences. The scholarship is aimed at people in the early stages of their research career.

Innovations that create work, make everyday life easier, solve societal problems, €3000 grant or grants

The grants are targeted at innovations that promote new business models and new business activities in the Häme University of Applied Sciences’ area of operation. We particularly welcome applications related to professional skills, bioeconomy, technology applications including sheet metal technology or smart services.

To apply for a grant, use the Foundation’s application form. The form and instructions are available on the Foundation’s website.

Applications will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1050/2018. Applications received will not be returned.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will decide on the grant recipients on 3 April 2024. Applicants will be informed of the decisions by e-mail.

More information

The Häme Foundation for Vocational Higher Education and Research

Established in 1997 by seventeen companies and communities. The purpose of the foundation is to support and promote the economic development, research and product development of the Häme University of Applied Sciences. The foundation receives donations, bequests and other funds and awards scholarships and grants for activities within the scope of the University of Applied Sciences. The Foundation may award special recognition prizes to authors of outstanding discoveries or inventions in their field.