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Reforming education and education systems

We are the drivers of sustainable and creative new skills. We promote research-based skills development, learning and innovation, both in education institutions and in the workplaces. We use modern and effective technologies in our research and development.

We focus on applied research and action that is ambitious, but also concrete and useful. We promote sustainable work, future education and well-being, and organizational resilience for change, globally and nationally. We provide solutions to the challenges of lifelong learning and career guidance through research and development. We develop vocational teacher education and training from a pedagogical perspective to meet the skills needed in future working life. We are also interested in the intersection of education and working life, and in developing working life alongside strategic work.

We are conducting research around the following themes:

  • Professional teacher education
  • Vocational education
  • Lifelong career guidance
  • Fostering innovation capacity
  • Developing education and training systems in Finland and worldwide
  • Linking learning and well-being (Learn Well)
  • Developing working life and promoting entrepreneurship
  • New digital learning solutions

We develop and apply digital learning solutions through research. Together with our partners, we produce useful solutions for working life and society that develop skills and expertise. The expertise of our research unit is combined into a multidisciplinary collaboration in HAMK’s research ecosystems SmartBio, SmartBuilt and SmartEdu. We also develop education together with HAMK’s international professional teacher education.

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