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Apply for Resource-wise Sustainability Studies 2023-2024

Resource-wise Sustainability Studies (22 cr) are master-level further education in which you can increase your abilities in resource and energy efficiency in industrial research and development (R&D) activities. Studies will deepen your understanding in applied research of energy efficiency in built environment or sustainable materials science and engineering. Studies are free of charge for participants and conducted in English from August 2023 to May 2024. Read more and apply in spring 2023!

Resource-wise Sustainability Studies will strengthen your theoretical knowledge base and also ability to carry out resource wise and sustainable development projects by providing expertise in research and development work. During the studies you can deepen either energy efficient built environment or sustainable materials science and engineering. In addition, practical and working life oriented project work is carried out during the studies. After completing the studies, you will have skills for increasing the sustainable development at your field of expertise and abilities to plan and carry out project work in sustainable manner. You will have critical skills for experimental or theoretical development work as well as data collection and assessment methods in the industry.

These studies are part of HAMK’s Sustainable Technologies master-level studies (Master of Engineering) and can be accepted later to this master-level degree (the degree student position is applied for separately).

Read more information about Resource-wise Sustainability Studies below.

The basic information about Resource-wise Sustainability Studies 2023-2024

To Whom: BSc Engineering (UAS), MSc Engineering (UAS), MSc (Technology). Foreign BSc or MSc that is comparable to the above mentioned qualifications. Also for specialists who has equivalent technical competence achieved through work experience.

Price: These studies are free of charge for the participants. The financier of the studies is the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Duration of the Studies: 24.8.2023-31.5.2024

Content of the Studies (22 cr): 

Implementation: Remote/contact studies approximately 1-3 times/month. Contact studies will take place mainly on HAMK’s Hämeenlinna University Centre. Participants use their own personal laptops during the studies (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device)

Language: English (teaching and materials), clarifications in Finnish upon need.

Instructors: Senior lecturers from HAMK Tech research unit.

Applying: The application period has ended. We thank all applicants.

More information: Get to know the information event’s material here. The infomaterial also contains the tentative schedule of the studies.

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