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Electronic signature service

The AtomiSign electronic signature service is available for Hamk students for signing electronic contracts related to work placement and thesis work, among other purposes.

How the AtomiSign works

To log in to AtomiSign with Microsoft credentials, go to

AtomiSign -service is available to HAMK, HAMI, Hamk Academy staff and HAMK students.

In AtomiSign, you can make signature requests yourself and sign documents sent by others.

The documents to be signed are in pdf format.

Kindly remember that AtomiSign is not an archive, so you must transfer the signed documents according to the instructions.

  • Lightweight authentication: by email
  • SMS authentication: email + password via SMS
    • It is recommended to use this form of authentication
  • Strong authentication: email + authentication with bank details (use only in specific cases)

  • When you start making the signature request, make sure you have all the necessary documents and the email addresses and phone numbers of the recipients ready. AtomiSign has a time limit of 30 minutes within which the signature request must be made. The program does not make intermediate recordings.
  • If there are several signatories, you should allow plenty of time to sign. Monitor the progress of the signature process and remind signatories well before the deadline. Once the Latest To Be Signed -date has passed, the document can no longer be signed and a new signature request must be made.
  • Once the signature request has been forwarded, none of the information provided can be changed, added or deleted (for example, no new signatories can be added).
  • If the signature request contains incorrect information (e.g. phone number or email address), a new signature request must be made.
  • If contact information is stored in the Contacts contact list and shared with others, the contact information will be available to everyone (staff and students) who uses AtomiSign at HAMK.
  • The signature request and related documents are kept for 365 days, after which the program automatically destroys them. Destroyed signature requests and documents cannot be returned.

  • When the signatory is an actor outside HAMK, inform him/her about the processing of personal data. For example, you can use the following phrase in an e-mail: “HAMK’s privacy notice for stakeholder cooperation can be found at
  • Ensure beforehand that all signing parties accept the electronic signature.
  • As sender of the signature request you are responsible for saving the signed files according to the instructions (e.g. Wihi).
  • Remember to remove the signed files from the AtomiSign service once the completed documents have been distributed to the signatories.

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or read the PDF guide

Atomi Validator

AtomiValidator allows you to verify the authenticity of an electronic signature on a document. Select your file in the validator and press “Tarkista tiedosto” (Check File). Wait until the process is complete, and the validator will provide you with the result. You can change the language by pressing the button in the upper right corner.