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Global Sustainability Module

Join Field Work in Africa

Building a sustainable world – this is what Global Sustainability Module is about.

Learn new skills!

Learn about intercultural communication and why we need to care about others’ cultures or beliefs.

Learn to understand the global economic and socio-cultural processes connecting the rich and poor of the world. Learn about the global inequality challenges, discuss sustainable and respectful global development and link this to your own studies. As a HAMK student, you have an opportunity to deepen your experience through joining a real-life development project in Africa.

In total, we plan for 75 HAMK students to travel to our African partner countries between 2022–2024. Join our field challenges by taking Creating Sustainable Solutions/ Global sustainability course, open to all HAMK students.

Join our courses!

We offer three courses consisting of a full 15-credit module. The global sustainability module is open to all HAMK students. NOTE: You don’t need to wait for the teachers approval in Pakki to start the courses. 

Online Course

It’s open in Learn, you can do it in your own time and schedule:

field work in Africa or project work in Finland,

This part is built around student challenge. In the student challenge, you learn in co-operation with multicultural teams. You will be a member of HAMK team of 5 students, and you will work in collaboration with student teams from African universities.

If you are interested to join, submit a motivational video. To qualify, you first have to pass Cross-cultural communication 5 cr and Sustainable Society & Global Economy 5 cr courses prior to field work.

The HAMK projects covers the flights, in-country travel, accommodation and the stay in the partner university. Students’ self-funding includes personal travel, insurances, vaccinations and visa costs.

Upcoming Student Challenges/Projects

This is a great opportunity for real-life learning and experiences with students in Kenya and South-Africa!

  1. Mango Value Chain Challenge, Kenya (PBL BioAfrica Project)
  2. Tc Banana Value Chain challenge, Kenya (AgriSCALE Project)
  3. Opportunities along the forestry/agriculture value chain for climate-smart practices, South Africa (postponed to Feb.2024) (Forest21 Project)

Deadline for submitting application; 25th August 2023

Before travelling, the international teams work online to familiarize themselves with the case. The field work in an African partner university is 14 days. International teams share ideas and develop innovative solutions to the identified challenges. In Student projects, each project team is mentored by the client organisation as well as a staff member of HAMK and partner universities.

After the field work, the teams can continue discussing together, analyzing their cases and finding possible alternative solutions to their challenge.


Do you have questions or need more information about the Global Sustainability module?

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