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Career and integration support

Are you looking for support to build your path in Finland?

HAMK Talent Boost team supports international students´ integration and career development in Finland.

Mentoring Services

International talents! Are you studying a degree at HAMK and interested in developing your career in Finland?

Despite the stage of your studies, you can benefit from HAMK Talent Boost´s Mentoring Services. Mentors empathize with your experiences and needs, offer guidance and empower you to build your comeptence effectively by providing the necessary tools.

Support and guidance cover the following three areas.

Networking and Support Services

We help you recognize the necessary networks and support services needed for your integration and career development.

Career and Competence

We help you map your talents and identify the core skills and competence demanded by the labor market.

Finnish Language and Everyday Life

We help you find ways to improve your Finnish language skills and wellbeing, enriching your everyday life.

Book mentoring meetings with mentors

Using Mentoring Services is simple! Start by booking a mentoring session with mentors!

Boost your competence!

The key to achieving your career goals and build you path is competence building. You can get continuous support from our Mentoring Services.

  1. Set your goal
    Start by setting or thinking about your goals for personal and career growth.
  2. Book meetings
    Proceed to book meetings with mentors. A mentor will be assigned to assist you specifically.
  3. Get support
    Get support throughout your studies. Mentors empower you with tools for competence building.
  4. Build your competence
    Make plans and take actions in competence building.

More specifically, mentors can provide guidance in:

Networking and Support Services

  • Identify and extend your network.
  • Recognize the supporting services
  • Building networking profiles (such as LinkedIn and Tiitus)

Career and Competence

  • Competence mapping and career path
  • Job search skills (CV, cover letter and interview)
  • Entrepreneurship

Finnish Language and Everyday Life

  • Finnish language learning opportunities
  • Sustainable living
  • Leisure time and hobbies

Other services

International Friendship Programme

Get connected with a local friend! The Friendship programme is integration made simple.

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Tiitus is HAMK´s internal recruitment platform, which aims to develop better connection between companies and students.

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SIMHE guidance

Personalised and free career guidance in Finnish and in English to immigrants living in Finland.

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FAQ about Mentoring Services

You can book as many meetings as needed with mentors. There is no limit.

It is by default 30 minutes per meeting. But it can be longer if needed.

If you have graduated from HAMK and in need of career guidance, check our the SIMHE guidance service and continue to get support from there.

No. Mentors help mentees map out their competence and give advise on where to search for matching opportunities. On such occasions as when a company is interested in student cooperation, mentors will get mentees´ consents separatly to share necessary information with the companies. Companies make the final decision.

No. Mentors cannot be your work reference in your job application process.

No. Mentors are not Finnish language teachers. Instead, we can guide you to source of information, where you can explore different Finnish language courses and materials.

No. Mentors do not offer any accommodation. Instead, we can guide you to the source of information, with which you can find a suitable apartment.

No. Mentors cannot directly help you find a day care or a school for your child. Instead, we can connect you with the suitable networks and support services, which can help you with such matters.

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About Talent Boost Programme in Finland

Talent Boost Programme in Finland is steered and coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland and the Ministry of Education and Culture. It aims to attract and integrate international talents, help them and their families to settle in Finland, and put their skills into effective use. HAMK is a part of the Finnish Talent Boost Programme.