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Application begins 1.10.2024 08:00

Field of studies

  • Electrical and Automation Engineering
  • Technology and Traffic

Type of education

  • Open University

Academic level

  • Bachelor Level Studies - EQF 6

Teaching language

  • English


  • Valkeakoski

Teaching format

  • Contact Lessons


Aims in this course are that you
• get to know the concepts and calculation techniques in algebra
• learn the basic concepts of functions and graphs
• are able to form necessary expressions and equations from a given problem and solve them


Contents of the course are simplifying expressions, e.g. exponential and polynomial expressions, polynomial equations and functions, graphs of functions, systems of equations, exponential functions and equations.


Student executes this course as per the given schedule. Course will be implemented during the first period.

Teaching methods

Course is meant for first year engineering students. NOTE! THIS IMPLEMENTATION IS GIVEN IN FINNISH ONLY!

Lectures at the Valkeakoski campus twice a week.

BYOD - bring your own device to the lectures so that you can access the course materials when needed. Also bring your writing tools for making notes and solving problems.

All course material (written material and exercises) are given in Moodle. No separate course book.

Learning material

All course material (written material and exercises) are given in Moodle. No separate course book.

Class schedule

3 cr correspondes to 3 * 27 = 81 hours of work. Approx. 45 hours is given as lectures - the rest is problem classes / independent studies.

Studies are distributed quite evenly to each week during the course.

Cooperation with the business sector

There is no co-operation with companies in this course.

Additional info

NOTE! Calculator TI-Nspire CX CAS is recommended! Software version of the calculator is sufficient, no need to have the physical calculator.

You can purchase TI-Nspire software version from here:

All student can enroll to this course within the given timing. HAMK students are making their enrollment in the Pakki-system.

Course feedback is given at the end of each course / module in Pakki. For more information on course/module feedback, see the student feedback page

Evaluation criteria


Terms and conditions,
Open UAS

By registering for the training, you accept the cancellation policy.

  • Cancellations must always be notified by email to [email protected] (Please note that during the summer and Christmas holidays, processing may be delayed).
  • Cancellations can be made free of charge at least 14 days before the start of the course.
  • No refund will be made if you are less than 14 days away from the start of your studies, fail to arrive for your studies or interrupt the studies you have started.
  • If you are selected as a degree student before you start your open university studies, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund of the tuition fee. In this case, please make your withdrawal as soon as possible by e-mail to [email protected].
  • HAMK may cancel your studies, for example, due to low enrolment. Other changes (e.g. changes in timetable, teachers or places) are also possible.


Ask about registration and practical arrangements: [email protected]

For more information on the content of the studies, please contact the course teacher. Staff email addresses are firstname.lastname(at)