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Exchange Studies

Instructions for exchange applicants

We here at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) warmly welcome exchange students from our partner institutions abroad. We have bilateral agreements with about 100 educational institutions abroad and our whole exchange programme system is based on these agreements. In special cases, students can be accepted from outside the above schemes.

To take the first step towards exchange studies at HAMK, we recommend that you take a look at the suitable study modules and read the “Welcome to HAMK” guide for new exchange students.

Once you have found suitable modules and discussed with your own university’s staff about exchange studies at HAMK, please read carefully the instructions about nomination and online application.


Exchange studies in 2019-2020

You can find study modules available for exchange students in HAMK’s module selection .

In order to find the modules available in the degree programme / campus of your exchange, set the filters as follows:
TAGS: choose “Exchange”
DEGREE PROGRAMME: choose the degree programme you are applying to.

Please note: choose modules from one campus only – the location of the degree programme of your exchange studies. The distances between our campuses are quite long, so it is not possible to attend modules at more than one campus.

Study modules in 2018-2019
Bachelor’s Degree Programmes:

Exchange courses 2018-2019 Biotechnology and Food Engineering (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Business Administration (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Business Information Technology (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Construction Engineering (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Design (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Electrical and Automation Engineering (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Information and Communication Technology (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 International Business (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Nursing (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Social Services (.pdf)
Exchange courses 2018-2019 Traffic and Transport Management (.pdf)

Master’s Degree Programmes

Exchange courses 2018-2019 Business Management and Entrepreneurship (.pdf)


Autumn semester 201926 August – 20 December15 May 2019
Spring semester 202013 January – 8 May15 October 2019


AUTUMN SEMESTER (26 August – 20 December 2019)
Module 126 August – 25 Octoberautumn holiday week 42
Module 228 October – 20 DecemberChristmas holiday weeks 52 and 1
SPRING SEMESTER (13 January – 8 May 2020)
Module 313 January – 13 Marchwinter holiday week 9
Module 416 March – 8 May 


Exchange students should first get approval from their home university for their planned exchange.

All applicants must be officially nominated by their home university. The nomination must include the following information for each student:

  • Last name
  • Given name(s)
  • Date of birth (
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Duration of exchange
  • EU subject area at the home university
  • EU subject area at HAMK


After HAMK has received the nomination from your home university, you will receive further instructions on how to fill in your application and download the required documents online.

HAMK uses the SoleMOVE online mobility programme for receiving the applications.

When filling in your application (after the nomination), you will need to download the following application documents (in English):


A good command of English is needed to study at HAMK as an exchange student.

HAMK’s recommendation for English language skills is level B2 in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Exchange students applying to International Business: students outside the EU that do not study their degree in English, language certification is required when you submit your application; either TOEFL 79 or IELTS 6.0