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The popularity of esports is rising internationally, as well as in Finland. Esports is described as competitive playing of video games. The opportunities of esports have also been noticed from the perspective of educational institutions.

HAMK is participating in this phenomena by arranging studies, doing research and working with multiple projects related to this field.

What is our approach?

Professional competitive Gaming
Our approach to esports ecosystem development

HAMK Gaming Academy connects HAMK with local, areal and national partners. Esports is build around competitive gaming, but the business environment has multiple approaches that all can be connected to the different degree programmes of HAMK, from business administration to smart and sustainable design.

Ecosystems are built as learning environments, where the co-creation is turned into thesises, projects and traineeships. By creating living solutions and laboratories of experimenting the esports can be turned to be a beneficiary tool for the students and other stakeholders. HAMK Gaming Academy is fitted into the structure of the degree programmes of HAMK, meaning students cannot directly apply for the Gaming Academy, but can take courses as a part of their degree.


Studies open for the HAMK Gaming Academy students in 2021-2022

HAMK Gaming Academy Studies

HAMK Gaming Academy activities

Going at the moment

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The esports module of 2021!

Implementation information

The 15-credits wide Esports Business Management module will launch in October 2021. The studies last for two periods and are set in periods 2 and 3, for the period from October 25, 2021 to March 11, 2022.

The module contains three sections of 5 credits:

  • Sports Management – LT00DJ74-3001 (5 ECTS, English)
  • Marketing and Events – LT00DJ75-3001(5 ECTS, English)
  • Esports Projects – LT00DJ76-3001 (5 ECTS, English)

The Esports Management and Esports Events and Marketing sections run in full as an online implementation. The Esports Projects section may require attendance depending on the project.

The module is in optional studies and open to all HAMK UAS students. The module has a maximum attendance of 40 and registration time is going on until 29 October 2021.

You can check more details of the module contains from module selection (link below).

Link to the module selection

Introduction to Game Engine Development and AR/VR module will start in the fall of 2021!

Module content:

the student:

  • knows how to design and model 3D game assets
  • is able to select an appropriate 3D modelling method based on the required optimisation for a game engine
  • understands the principles of a specific game engine and requirements of the target platforms
  • is able to programme functionalities with game engine
  • is able to produce a working and optimised executable programme using a game engine
  • understands the possibilities and the challenges of VR and AR as a presentation mediums and is able to capitalise on its strengths
  • knows the most common VR and AR devices and is able to select the appropriate technical solution

More information will come later.

We are also happy to collaborate on esports with different organizations. Forms of cooperation may include e.g.

  • student projects
  • internships
  • theses
  • research projects

Student projects of varying sizes have already been implemented through HAMK Gaming Academy, ranging from esports related marketing plans to product development. In addition to this, our BBA students have done theses for gaming companies, esports teams and other stakeholders in esports.

We are also happy to be involved in larger development projects and ecosystem work.


Teemme mielellämme yhteistyötä myös e-urheilun parissa erilaisten organisaatioiden kanssa. Yhteistyön muotoja voivat olla mm.

  • opiskelijaprojektit
  • työharjoittelu
  • opinnäytetyöt
  • tutkimusprojektit

HAMK Gaming Academyn kautta on toteutettu jo tähän mennessä erikokoisia opiskelijaprojekteja aina e-urheiluun liittyvistä markkinointisuunnitelmista tuotekehitykseen asti. Tradenomiopiskelijamme ovat tehneet tämän lisäksi opinnäytetöitä mm. pelitilayrityksille, e-urheilujoukkueille sekä e-urheilun muille sidosryhmille.

Olemme mielellämme mukana myös laajemmissa kehitysprojekteissa ja ekosysteemityössä.


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