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Student Health Care

Student Health Care

01.12.2020 10:53

Starting in 2021, students who study for a bachelor’s or a master’s level degree from a university of applied sciences will be entitled to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS). If you register as attending for the spring term at the latest by 31 January, you must pay the healthcare fee to Kela by 31 January. No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative.

How to pay the healthcare fee in higher education.  

Read more about the services of YTHS. 


Following services are valid until the end of December 2020:

You can contact with your public health nurse considering your health, contraception, vaccinations, mental health problems, alcohol, drugs etc. Public health nurses also make health checks.

Student health services of nurse are free of charge.

You will find campus-specific information about health care services on the right-hand side of this page.

Information on health care cervices in Finland can be found on the Infopankki website 


If you have mild respiratory tract infection symptoms, such as rhinitis, cough, throat pain, muscle pain, or fever, stay at home to rest and recuperate. Stay home until the symptoms go away.

The aim is to ensure that those suffering from severe symptoms are able to receive treatment. Contact your healthcare provider only if you experience severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or if your overall condition gets worse. In that case, contact your healthcare provider by phone to prevent spreading the disease to others. The aim is to ensure that those suffering from severe symptoms are able to receive treatment.

Avoid contact with others if you have symptoms of respiratory infection.

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