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Bioeconomy 4.0 & Carbon 4.0
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Bioeconomy project

Bioeconomy 4.0 & Carbon 4.0

Data driven knowledge creation and utilization in bio processes and in complex carbon ecosystems

  • BIOECONOMY 4.0 – Data driven knowledge creation and utilization in bio processes / to strenghten  the strategic research profiles HAMK research units 
  • CARBON 4.0: Analysis and utilization of biological data in complex carbon ecosystems 
  • Project duration: Bioeconomy 4.0: 1.1.2019-31.12.2021, Carbon 4.0: 1.3.2019-31.8.2022
  • Project financing: Ministry of Education and Culture
  • #bioeconomy4.0 #carbon4.0

BIOECONOMY 4.0 and CARBON 4.0 projects combine the competences and research excellence of four research units, HAMK Bio, HAMK Smart, HAMK Tech, and HAMK Edu, around one cross-disciplinary research area, digitalized bioeconomy.

The BIOECONOMY 4.0 project focuses on the utilization of data analysis and interpretation in the value chains of food production. In this research area, the project uses the methods and tools of data analysis, IoT, and machine learning in analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing the production chains of e.g. dairy products, vertical farming, and algae growing.

CARBON 4.0 project develops digitalized measurements as well as IoT-based data collection, analysis, and interpretation in the context of carbon and nutrient dynamics. Specific application areas in the project are related to carbon and nutrient binding, both representing key development areas directly related to the climate change and the condition of surface waters.


Project requires close involvement of external partners both from industry and academic world. Besides increasing competence at HAMK, collaboration with chosen partners from different areas of the production chain enables the real understanding and possibilities to improve the management of bio-processes by digitalization.

The following partners are involved:


The list of publications is complemented on this page as projects progress.


Milk chain


Analyzing data gathered from different parts of the milk chain. At the beginning, the focus is on combining milking robot data with the cowshed condition data, and identifying different cause and effect relationships.

  • Subproject Manager Ilpo Pölönen, +358 40 830 5984

Ilpo Pölönen


Algae cultivation


Update of algae reactors and sensing. Enabling continuous education through data analysis. Development of kinetic growth models for simulation and optimization of algae farming.

  • Subproject Manager Jari Hyväluoma
  •, +358 50 471 355

Jari Hyväluoma

Vertical farming


Research trends in multilayer cultivation: 1. Moisture sensor + organic substrates 2. Fertilization recommendations for multilayer cultivation 3. Producing value dividends 4. Microfibres and plants

  • Subproject Manager Teo Kanniainen
  •, +358 50 574 5364

Teo Kanniainen




Ecosystem analysis based on side flows of food industry in Kangasala region, Finland

  • Subproject Manager Maritta Kymäläinen
  •, +358 50 470 667

Maritta Kymäläinen



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