Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu


Bioeconomy Research Unit

The aim of the research unit is to enhance bioeconomy as part of circular economy in rural and urban environments.

​​Häme University of Applied Sciences is situated in close vicinity of main metropolitan area in Finland, and has features from both high density urban and traditional rural areas.

Research is focused on sustainable and resource-wise primary production, use of natural recourses by applying modern technology. HAMK’s long tradition as an education institution of natural resources combined with skills in bio-refining processes, food engineering and cleantech gives a solid background for high level applied research in bioeconomy. The research unit operates on five campuses: Lepaa, horticulture; Evo, forestry; Mustiala, agriculture; Forssa, cleantech and sustainable development; Hämeenlinna, bioprocess technology.

The following research groups are part of the Bioeconomy Research Unit:

Bio-refining processes
Built environment
Bio-processes for foodstuffs
Bright Green Natural resources

The groups combine research competence with practical skills in authentic learning environments. Like circular and bioeconomy, the groups are multi-disciplinary. Existing business, research institutes and university networks are utilised and the research projects are mirrored in regional development projects. International expertise is developed through strategic partners and other strong links. ​

Contact information
Dire​​ctor of Research Unit
Ms Mona-Anitta Riihimäki
tel. +358 3 6465 266