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HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise
HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise

HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise


Our research unit aims to utilise research for transforming both national and international education systems, vocational education and training, higher education, professional teacher education and workplace learning in professional organisations.

The experts in our unit actively work in both domestic and global networks and in national education and guidance forums. We cooperate with our partners to produce solutions for business, industry and society and to develop competence and expertise. We are building the future by researching, developing, evaluating and anticipating


We conduct RDI activities in significant national and international networks focusing on the transformation of education systems and lifelong learning in societies. We work with professional teacher education institutions, other higher education institutions, research organisations, vocational education and training organisations and labour market organisations.

HAMK is also member of  RUN European University, an alliance of eight European higher education institutions whose aim is to jointly develop high-quality education and research that meets the competence needs of the future. In this alliance, our research unit is especially responsible for pedagogical development and research.

Focus of our research

The HAMK Edu Research Unit studies, supports, develops and transforms professional education, higher education, teacher education, work communities and organisations, to mention a few examples. The focus of our research and development work is currently in five different research areas: Vocational education and training, Career guidance, Future Work, LearnWell and Transforming Higher Education.

We are responsible for the RDI activities at the The School of Professional Teacher Education and we work in multi-disciplinary cooperation with other HAMK Schools and Research Units. We are strongly developing the export of education expertise and international research cooperation with HAMK Global.

Our unit is located at the Hämeenlinna University Centre at Visamäentie 35 A. See more detailed contact information here.