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HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise
HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise

HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise

HAMK Edu – Innovative Expertise

The HAMK Edu Research Unit works on customer-oriented research, development, assessment and forecasting projects. It promotes the development and management of research-based skills at the individual, team and community level. The development objective is that every individual and community have the opportunity to develop to their best potential by exploiting their strengths​.

The main focus areas of the HAMK Edu Research Unit are professional competence for the future, excellence, career councelling and lifelong learning, teacher education, competence management and leadership as well as new learning solutions and digital competence.

Research is carried out as part of a national and international network with other universities, research institutes, vocational training and industry organisations. Export of expertise generated by the unit and international collaboration in research extends globally from Europe to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Unit works on customer-oriented research and development. Global capacity-building, assessment forecasting projects are part of our activities. We promote the development and management of research-based skills at the individual, team and community level.


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Some examples of our international projects:

EMVITET – Empowering Vietnamese VET Teachers for Transformation towards Education 4.0 (2019-2022)
Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is partnering with European universities and Vietnamese vocational and higher education institutions to bring together educational experts and contextual understanding for developing vocational and higher education in Vietnam.

EMVITET aims to create new learning ecosystem for education in Vietnam, based on student-centered learning, competence-based education, collaboration and networking in digital environments as well as sharing knowledge through communities of practice.

EMVITET project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. For more details, please go to https://www.hamk.fi/projects/emvitet/?lang=en

Global Competence in Teacher Education (2019 – 2020)
In Global Competence in Teacher Education project teacher educators and trainee teachers across the EU work together to achieve a key objective of the project: to develop future cohorts of teachers who are both Globally Competent themselves but also have the skills to develop Global Competence in their students.

Project is coordinated by the University of Hull and partners HAMK (Finland), The University of Genoa (Italy), UC Leuven (Belgium), European Federation for Intercultural Learning (Belgium), AFS Intercultural Programs (United States), Hellenic Open University (Greece). Funding: Erasmus+.

HAMK contact: Irma Kunnari

STRengthen socio-Emotional competeNce to Guidance pracTitioners (2019-2022)
The STRENGTh project focuses on increasing Social and Emotional competence of career counsellors. The aim of the project is to propose concrete solutions to train a new generation of socially aware career guidance professionals, able to develop and use interpersonal and social intelligence skills, in order to successfully build professional relationships and navigate diverse social environments.

Project is coordinated by Centrul Municipiului Bucuresti de Resurse si Asistenta Educationala (Romania). The partners are: HAMK (Finland), Etaireia Proigmenon Efarmogon Sistimaton Dioikisis-Monoprosopi Etareia Periopismensis Eythinis (Greece), Hochschule der Bunderagentur Für Arbeit (Germany), studio risorse s.r.l. (Italy), Stichting Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE Foundation) (Netherlands), Uniao das Freguesias de Gondomar (SCOSME) Valbom E Jovim (Portugal), Institutul de Stiinte Ale Educatiei (Romania). Funding: Erasmus+.

HAMK contact: Soili Rinne

Network ITTVET (2019-2020)
In ITTVET project HAMK (coordinator), University of Stockholm and University of Tallinn will look for new possibilities to network and cooperate in the field of teacher education. The network will conduct a study on VET student teachers’ interest, willingness and possibilities to participate in student exchange programmes. In this starting phase of the collaboration the partners need to form a common understanding for the needs for cooperation, the forms of activities, and the partnership. ITTVET is funded by Nordplus.

HAMK contact: Katja Rönkkönen

SOSTRA – Soft Skills Training and Recruitment of Adult Educators (2018 – 2020)
Responding to the new EU Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning (2018), the SOSTRA project is seeking an innovative way to intertwine digital badge-driven learning approaches and competence-based education into soft skills development in the field of European adult education.

The project partners include six organizations from Finland, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain. HAMK School of Professional Teacher Education is the project coordinator of the SOSTRA project.

By joint actions the partners aim to support adult educators, training companies, school-based training centres, training consultants and HR staff in achieving a better understanding of the needs and importance of soft skills in their daily activities and of their further development.

For more details, please go to https://www.hamk.fi/projects/soft-skills-training-and-recruitment-of-adult-educators-sostra/?lang=en

BIOECONOMY 4.0 (2019-2021) & CARBON 4.0 (2019-2022)
Please click here for more information

New Skills for VET Teachers (2019-2021)
The result of the project will be that the participants gain new ideas to ensure and improve teacher professional learning. VET providers will have found ways to ensure that the skills of teachers meet the needs of the working life now and in the future. VET providers have also found ways to improve teacher professional learning.

The project partners include five organizations from Finland, United Kingdom and Netherlands. Coordinator: Salpaus Further Education Regional Consortium, Funding: Erasmus+

HAMK contact: Soili Rinne

DC4WORK (2017-2019)
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TTP NEPAL – Teacher Preparation Program through ODL Mode for Enhancing Qualification in Education 2017-2020
Developing Teacher Education and Open and Distance Learning Solution in co-operation with Nepalese partner network and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK). The project is funded by the Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) from National Board of Education, Finland.

Please click here for more information.

HAMK Contact: Tauno Tertsunen and Marko Susimetsä

KA2 The X-factors; practical use of Skills Competition’s methods and instruments in vocational education and the development of excellence (2017-2020)
The project aims to strengthen VET-systems by using Skills Competitions from the perspective of Pedagogy of Vocational Top Expertise and therefore contribute to the achievement of high quality skills and compentences. The outcomes of the project will support teachers in using methods and instruments within the curriculum and examination based on techniques in and facilities from Skills Competitions. This will support the development of excellence and will help students in vet to develop their skills and talents.

The project partners include four organizations from Netherlands, Finland and United Kingdom. Coordinator: Stichting Skills Netherlands, Funding: Erasmus+.

HAMK Contact: Tuomas Eerola

Cobots Transforming Work and Learning (Collaborative Y-robots in Steel and Metal Industries) 2018-2019
The research and development -project of HAMK Tech (School of Technology) and HAMK Edu examines the implementation and development of cobots (co-robots or collaborative robots, Y-generation of the industrial robots) intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace. The goal is to find effective practices for production and work quality in cobot-human work processes and to create web-based solutions for work-based learning of on-demand skills of robotization in companies and engineering education. The long-term goal of the project is to promote partner companies’ competitiveness and strengthen regional and national innovation and learning ecosystem of Industry 4.0.

Partners: Regional Council of Häme, European Regional Development Fund, Network of large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in steel and construction industry.

HAMK Edu Contact: Essi Ryymin

Work-based Learning in the Digital Age (2017-2019)
The project “Work-based Learning in the Digital Age – Promoting Digital Competences for Employability and Innovations” is an European union funded (ERASMUS + KA2 Strategic Partnerships) development project in the frame of the European Digital Competence Framework “DigComp 2.0”.

The project will research the supply and demand of digital competences in SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and document our findings in a recommendation for competence development and training actions for SMEs and training providers. The specific interest is on teaching and learning directly at the work place supported by digital means, learning 4.0. We will produce scalable and open training modules, toolbox 4.0 and handbook for trainers, educators and business developers. Partners:  IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH (Germany)

Mentoritec – Business Consultant and VET Provider (PT), BFI Tirol – VET Provider, European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), Belgium

HAMK Contact: Essi Ryymin

EEP Empowering ePortfolio Process (2016-2018)
​The ritical points of quality learning in competence-based education are assessment practices that are aligned with desired competences in Higher Education. EEP has identified a need to develop assessment of competences towards stu­dent centeredness by ensuring empowerment of students in their learning pro­cess and developing digital competences of students, teachers and HE institutes. There is a common need to strengthen the use of digital tools in assessment and to develop the participation of work life representatives in learning processes.

The object of the project is to to develop student centered education by enhancing transparen­cy of assessment practices and developing empowering, dynamic approach to eportfolio process, which increases students’ motiva­tion in their learning and career management, and fosters their employability (incl. social participation and digital competence).

Read more from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9GlBbwiyzflZTI0RGlIZ29kaFU/view?usp=sharing


HAMK Contact: Irma Kunnari

See the Goal (2016-2018)
Project See the Goal was a EU-funded transnational project in the Erasmus KA2 programme. It supports vocational students, training companies, school-based training centers, training consultants and VET teachers in achieving better understanding of the learning outcomes in workplaces, as well as adapting learning outcomes more transparently and consistently to practice. For this purpose the project aims following outcomes: film production of exemplarily learning outcomes, script guidelines for amateur film recordings of learning outcomes and pedagogical practices of training, students’ self-assessment and technical and ethical handling of film.

Read more from: http://moeve.dk/blog/see-the-goal-new-eu-project/

HAMK Contact: Anne-Maria Korhonen