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HAMK Smart – Intelligent Services
HAMK Smart – Intelligent Services
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HAMK Smart – Intelligent Services

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The HAMK Smart Research Unit consists of specialists from several different fields with diverse and complementary expertise.

The goal of our research and development activities is to use data analytics and digitalisation in our selected focus areas. We conduct service activities for a fee on behalf of our customers and participate in both national and international research projects.

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We work in close cooperation with the world of business and public organisations, aiming for long-term collaboration. We have also networked with different research organisations both nationally and internationally.

HAMK is a member of the EU Regional University Network (RUN) and the international Beyond Alliance. Cooperation with Aalto University strengthens our diverse research competence.

Focus of our research

The HAMK Smart Research Unit makes use of data analytics and digitalisation in our selected focus areas consisting of the bioeconomy and circular economywellbeingeducation, and industry and transport. Data analytics and digitalisation enable a new approach to different challenges in the world of business. The specialists of our research areas have expertise in the content of our focus areas brought about by experience, as well as the ability to use the potential offered by different technologies in order to find new solutions. We also work in close cooperation with other HAMK Research Units, drawing on their expertise.


The teams in our Research Unit enable the use of latest technologies and methods in our research and development work. The Digital Solutions & Platforms team develops its expertise in selected themes related to digitalisation. If necessary, the specialists in the team can be complemented by our students. The success of the Data and Business Analytics team is based on strong expertise in applied mathematics. This team masters the use of mathematics in the solving of practical problems. Our Design for a Good Digital Life team uses design thinking and user experience in the development of new services.


Shift2Rail IN2STEMPO

  • The aim is to support the objectives of Shift2Rail and, for example, to reduce the life-cycle costs of railway infrastructure, improve the reliability and punctuality of operations,
    and to increase capacity, as well as to improve interoperability and passenger experience.

GOOD FOR CATTLE – quality silage by temperature monitoring and antimicrobial peptides in agriculture – Hyvää Karjalle

  • The project is coordinated by the University of Oulu. The HAMK Smart and HAMK Bio Research Units contribute to the implementation of the project through their involvement in the development and analysis of sensor monitoring.


  • The aim of the project is to create a joint Intelligent Transport and Traffic Management study module and to pilot it with multinational groups.

Projects in Finnish


Developing competence in smart wearables – Puettavan älykkyyden osaamisen kehittäminen

  • The aim of the project is to develop expertise in smart wearables, so that companies in the textile, technology, software and service sectors can utilise the technology to
    design and produce new material solutions and products for the growing international market.

Digital culture – Digitaalinen kulttuuri

  • The objective is to promote the potential and competence of personnel of organisations to use digitalisation, and to guide and coach them in developing the organisation’s digital culture, productivity and wellbeing at work.

JÄRKKI – Centralised recycling of nutrients in wastewater sludges

  • The project is coordinated by Gasum Oy. The HAMK Smart and HAMK Bio Research Units contribute to the implementation of the project.

NUOTTI coaching study

  • The purpose of the NUOTTI coaching study is to investigate the implementation, benefits and effects of NUOTTI coaching from the perspective of young persons, NUOTTI coaches and the party guiding the customer to vocational rehabilitation. NUOTTI coaching is provided by the Rehabilitation services of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA). The aim is to further develop the NUOTTI coaching to better meet the needs of the target group.

Smart City

  • The Smart City project promotes low-carbon development through artificial intelligence. Low carbon emissions are promoted through new commercial AI applications developed by SMEs.

A Change Tamer – Muutoksen kesyttäjä

  • The project objectives are 1: Helping businesses get back on their feet after COVID-19, 2: Improving the wellbeing at work of company personnel and self-employed people, and 3: Strengthening the networks and interaction.


  • The project aims at developing common EU competences for raising awareness of SMEs on Industry 4.0 through an innovative training course.


  • The project focused on the utilization of data analysis and interpretation in the value chains of food production. BIOECONOMY 4.0 combined the competences and research excellence of four research units, HAMK Bio, HAMK Smart, HAMK Tech, and HAMK Edu, around one cross-disciplinary research area, digitalized bioeconomy.


  • The objective was to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive development of the Silver Economy in the Baltic region.


  • The purpose of the TINEL project was to promote Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Due to the accessibility directive for public digital services, we applied UDL thinking particularly to eLearning.

Carbon 4.0

  • The project developed digitalized measurements as well as IoT-based data collection, analysis, and interpretation in the context of carbon and nutrient dynamics.


  • The purpose of the SPEDUCULT-project was to increase knowledge and understanding of various sociocultural aspects of multisensory environments’ (MSEs) framework in the culturally versatile Nordic and Baltic countries.

Poluttamo – Adaptable Learning Paths

  • The aim of the project was to provide support for students in upper secondary education in clarifying their personal study path, making progress in their studies and for professional growth and development. Based on digital footprints and the possibilities offered by learning analytics, the project developed a model for monitoring progress in studies, a visual personal study plan and workshops for peer mentoring and coaching.


  • Nordplus Horizontal -project SPEDUTEC focused on promoting learning and development in multisensory environments with assistive technology solutions.


  • The purpose of the project was to exchange knowledge and experience on innovative regional cooperation solutions to address special education/learning needs within an early intervention and cross-sector, “multi-helper” perspective, which builds on regional collaboration between different actors.

The Digital Bale

  • The project aimed at improving the monitoring and management of silage bales. In the project, we implemented a web-based user interface for a limited test group in which the users can monitor and manage their silage bales.

FinJap – Finnish Japanese Elderly Care Services

  • The main idea was to learn from each other about issues related to the ageing societies in Finland and Japan. The project focused on how elderly care systems work in Finland and Japan, and how they sustain wellbeing of elderly people.

Effective Mentoring

  • The objective was to create an effective model of mentoring ready to implement into practice by transnational partners.

Projects in Finnish

5G START – Preparing for 5G in Tavastia Proper

  • The key objective is to ensure a sufficiently extensive infrastructure of fibre optics in Häme, which provides a strong basis for the utilisation of 5G and its technologies throughout the region.

Mystery 24/7

The project is developing a virtual escape game to support the vocational rehabilitation of young people and young adults. The game offers an opportunity to practice the key skills required in working life. The game can be used by the organisers of vocational rehabilitation services for young people. In addition, the game can be used in educational institutions. Rehabilitation specialists benefit from the game as it offers an innovative digital tool to support rehabilitation.

Transport 4.0

  • The objective is to support sustainable growth, the smooth running and safety of daily life, and good accessibility of the region as envisaged by the Häme programme. We will do this by developing solutions for transport, mobility and logistics.

SotePeda 24/7

  • The project produced digital learning material for the development of digitalisation competence in the social and health care sector.

VATTU – Virtual products in the manufacturing industry

  • The project consisted of two pilots where pilot 1 was an educational application for VR glasses designed in cooperation with KONE Corporation. The purpose of the pilot was to first explore the challenges related to existing training methods, and to brainstorm and show how these challenges can be solved with the help of game engines and VR glasses. The training application employed a good pedagogical model for learning and, for example, almost all text was transformed into an internationally understandable visual format.
  • Pilot 2 was an XR product configurator designed in cooperation with Patria Land Oy. The purpose of the pilot was to introduce XR technology and to present the opportunities created by the technologies to take the product virtually to the customer. The product configurator allows the person to select the configuration and its content, as well as the locating completely autonomously. It is easy to save the finished configuration and send it back to the manufacturer.

OpenHäme – AvoinHäme

  • During this project we created Häme Events, which is the open event interface of Tavastia region. It is based on open source code, which means that anyone can advertise their own event in the service. Event data is collected centrally to an open interface, from which anyone can access it. As a result, a wide range of event calendars and applications can use the same shared and open resource of event-related data.


  • In cooperation with HAMK Bio Research Unit we developed a system for monitoring crickets. Our team examined the monitoring of the growth and activity of a cricket population through image analysis.


  • In cooperation with HAMK Bio Research Unit, our team carried out the visualisation of mass flows within a biogas refinery, as well as implementing the framework of a simulation model for analysing the regional impact of the refinery.

BIKE – City bikes and shared bikes

  • The objective was to enable urban and shared bicycle services for areas located in Finland’s growth corridor. The project examined the benefits and savings associated with the integration of urban bicycle systems in different regions, as well as focusing on issues related to improving the efficiency of travel chains, such as the possibility of integrating urban and shared bicycles into public transport ticket systems.

Healthy digital house

  • Healthy construction and healthy building maintenance are an important part of cost-effectiveness and the upkeep of buildings. The project piloted various digital solutions for the healthy and cost-effective maintenance of buildings.

ERÄS project 

  • The aim of the project was to promote the fire safety and rescue operations of special groups in Finland. See more info here.

Competence is the key (ORA) project

  • The aim was to promote the equality, accessibility and employment prospects of students in need of special support at HAMK. See more info here.

Research and development of the Multisensory wayfinding method and signage alternatives as part of improving the accessibility of public transport in public transport terminals (M-WAY)

  • The aim of the project was to study and develop the Multisensory wayfinding method and signage alternatives as part of improving the accessibility of public transport in public transport terminals. The aim was to create instructions for the planning and implementation of accessible routes to complement the EU rail guidelines in connection with the guidance of visually impaired passengers. See more info here.

ILSI Project “ITIS”

  • With ILSI project we attempted to develop smart multi‐sensory way‐finding solutions 1) that would ease visually impaired person’s independent translocations and way‐finding indoors, and 2) that would increase independent mobility and travelling with public transport. See more info and the video here.

Producing and mapping accessibility information on cultural and leisure services in a communal manner through mobile technology – KUPS!

  • The project developed new ways and a new participatory operating culture for the production and evaluation of information on the accessibility of services. See more info here.

City in your pocket – Hämeenlinna taskussa

  • Hämeenlinna in your pocket is a mobile application of the City of Hämeenlinna, which was developed in the SÄIHKY project. The mobile application was created with React Native for the Android operating system. It contained features such as an electronic library card and an event calendar based on the Häme Events interface described above. The city in your pocket is a project developing the open source municipal application as a Progressive Web App (PWA) implementation.

DigiCampus – Accessibility sub-project

  • The project developed technical and pedagogical solutions for higher education institutions to improve the accessibility of learning environments and systems of higher education institutions.


  • In cooperation with HAMK Bio, our team was involved in the development of a system for monitoring crickets. The team examined the monitoring of the growth and activity of a cricket population through image analysis.

Kanta-Häme Cycling Programme

  • The objectives were to support the Häme Transport System Plan for the period from 2017 to 2021 and to participate in the preparation of a new transport system plan and to produce data.



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