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Work Placement in Construction Engineering

04.10.2021 14:51


The person responsible for work placement issues in DP in Construction Engineering:

Niina Kovanen,

Updated work placement instructions are in Moodle. Submit testimonials and work placement reports to Moodle.


BECOP18A3, BECOP19A3,BECOP20A3 and BECOP21A3 students: Enroll for the work placement in Pakki. You will get into Moodle automatic.

The groups which started their studies 2017 or earlier, contact Niina Kovanen, if you have questions related to Work Placement


Work Placement outside Finland

Work placement can be done in Finland or outside Finland. The instructions and requirements are same in both cases. If you are doing your work placement outside Finland and not in your home country you might be able to apply a grant for you work placement.

More information:
About international work placement and grants


Login to Yammer and join the group “Työpaikat ja projektit / tekniikka (FI/EN)” and get information on technology jobs and projects. In this group students can find companies’ advertisements on: thesis and project assignments, intership placements, summer and part time jobs, jobs etc. Also information on work search and events related are published in the following groups. 

Työpaikat ja projektit / tekniikka (FI/EN) -group in Yammer >>

Työpaikat: rakennus- ja yhdyskuntatekniikka -group in Yammer >>