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Work Placement in Electrical and Automation Engineering

04.09.2020 10:26

Please read the Work Placement guidelines carefully on the previous page.

  • Extend of work placement is 30 credits, which requires 5 months’ work (37,5 – 40 hours/week).
  • 1 week equals 1,5 credits.
  • 150 hours equal 1 month

Work during the studies without a signed work placement agreement can replace work placement if it is agreed beforehand.

Please upload the following documents to Moodle :

Before work placement:
• Work placement agreement (full filled and signed before work placement period starts)

After work placement:
• Work placement report
• Copy of a work certificate

Work without work placement agreement, or work experience gained before the studies:
Fill in the RPL Application in Pakki’s RPL service. The form should be submitted with a work certificate and the work placement report.

Please note:
The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) observes your studies and does not take credits gained from the work done before the studies into consideration.

Work placement report
Instructions on the previous site.