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Work Placement in Computer Applications

11.01.2022 16:21

Please read the Work Placement guidelines on previous page carefully.

Extend of work placement is 30 credits, which requires 5 months’ work (37,5 – 40 hours/week).
1 week equals 1,5 credits.
150 hours equal 1 month.

After work placement:

Make sure that all required documents are delivered to your work placement supervisor:

  • Work placement agreement (full filled and signed before work placement period)
  • Work placement report
  • Copy of work placement certificate

Work without work placement agreement, or work experience before the studies:

If the work placement agreement has not been completed or in order to apply credits for already completed work, the student must fill in the RPL Application in Pakki’s RPL service. The form should be submitted with a work certificate and the work placement report.

Please note:

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) observes your studies and does not take credits gained from the work done before the studies into consideration.

Work placement report
Instructions how to write a report are on previous site.


Work placement abroad

Work placement can also be done abroad. More information about the application process and the grants: