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HAMK Moves in Forssa

22.08.2023 15:32

Sports Classes for Hamk’s Forssa students continue again for the semester 2023 – 24. Ball Sport Classes will be held in Yhteislyseo (Lyseokatu 2) on Mondays and Wednesdays. I will confirm the times, as soon as I get them from the town’s administration. Students are also entitled to use the inside swimming pools in Vesihelmi (Eteläinen Puistokatu 2) twice a week. Price for Hamk’s students is 2,50€. The price also includes the use of a gym.

As well as the students, Hamk’s staff are also able to get tickets to Vesihelmi with reduced price. Price for staff is 3,50€.

I will confirm the times for Sports Classes later, but for now, have a very Sporty and Happy Semester!!