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Student Accommodation in Forssa

20.11.2020 12:00


In Forssa students live in rental apartments owned by private or public sector, there is no specific student dormitory. Depending on the time of arrival to Finland there are different types of apartments available. Usually apartments do not include furniture, but there are also limited amounts of furnished apartments available. If needed, please be prepared to buy the furniture on arrival to your new apartment. 


When planning your accommodation in Forssa, please find below some options you might wish to take into consideration. 


Apartments from private sector: 

Please contact directly to housing agency for options. Notice that normally in private sector, you should take care of all agreements (i.e. electricity, insurance, internet) by yourself. Also the apartments are normally unfurnished, so it is good to be prepared to buy the furniture on arrival to your new apartment. 


Some housing agency websites: 








Forssan Isännöinti ja Kiinteistönvälitys Oy    

Address: Hämeentie 11, FI-30100 Forssa 
Tel. +358 10 231 7530 


OP Koti 

Address: Sibeliuksenkatu 3, FI-30100 Forssa
Tel. +358 10 256 1315


SKV Kiinteistönvälitys Forssa 

Address: Hämeentie 7, 2nd floor, FI-30100 Forssa
Tel. +358 10 2284030


Option, rent an apartment owned by the city of Forssa 


In addition apartments from private sector,  you can find basic apartment also from the public sector.

Rent includes also water payment, internet and liability insurance. There is also possibility to rent one room from bigger apartment. Few apartments  includes basic furniture. 

Look the map of housing locations in Forssa: Forssa-Asunnot Oy  


Your contact person is CEO Ms. Henna Linnala. He will answer any additional questions you may have about apartments.



Forssa-Asunnot Oy

Address: Kartanonkatu 4, FI-30100 Forssa 

CEO Ms. Henna Linnala
Tel. +358 3 4334 044



If you need advice concerning accommodation in Forssa you can also contact Ms. Satu Suoranta, Education Assistant,