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Student Accommodation in Riihimäki

10.12.2020 07:28

General information on Peltosaari residences

Student residences in Riihimäki are located in Peltosaari (either on Linnunradankatu 11–13 or Merkuriuksenkatu 5 or 7), and administered by HOPS, The Student-Residence Foundation of the Hämeenlinna Region. Most of apartments are shared by two or three persons (own bedroom), with a kitchen and a bathroom. They are located about 500 metres from the railway station and 1 km from the school. Grocery stores, gyms and other services are located nearby.

The student housing complex has a communal room for tenants (with possibility to play table tennis, etc.), a laundry room and a sauna. In the laundry room you can use the washing machine and the dryer for free. When planning to do the laundry, you should make a reservation in the reservation book (mark the time and the number of your apartment).

You should go to a post-office and fill in the Change of Address (osoitteenmuutos) form to report your temporary address here in Finland. Your tutor will help you with this procedure. It is also a good idea to put a name tag on the letter box. That way you make sure that you receive all your letters!


The rent includes all housing related services, such as electricity, water and internet connection.

The rent for shared apartments is approximately €200 – 350 month. The rent includes all services, such as electricity, water, furniture, and the right to use the laundry, sauna and leisure time rooms. Each student must pay a deposit of €250. A bank transfer form will be given to the student upon signing the rental agreement. The student has one week to make the deposit payment. The deposit will be returned to the student if the apartment is left clean and tidy. If the apartment is left untidy, the deposit will be used for cleaning expenses.

Please note that each student is responsible for keeping the apartment clean. On departure the rooms should be in the same condition as on arrival. If you arrive after the 15th of the month or leave before the 15th of the month, you will only have to pay half of that month’s rent.

Riihimäki / Student apartment 
The student residence foundation of the Hämeenlinna / FOUNDATION – RIIHIMÄKI OFFICE

Riihimäki’s Student Houses
Merkuriuksenkatu 5
11130 Riihimäki
Tel. 010 2287085

The office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also on the first work day of every month from 12.00 to 16.00.

More information:

Exchange Students

HAMK will arrange accommodation through HOPS in advance for exchange students that have provided information of their arrival well in advance. In the autumn semester (1 September – 31 December), the minimum rental period for exchange students is four months. The rent will be charged even if the student leaves earlier. In the spring semester, the minimum rental period for exchange students is 4 – 5 months (from the beginning of January or February until the end of May). The rent will be charged even if the student leaves earlier. Before the exchange student leaves to go back home, a representative from the HAMK degree programme will check that each month´s rent has been paid. The apartments include basic furniture: bed, desk in the bedroom and a dining table with chairs in the kitchen. For short-period exchange students, HAMK will provide cooking utensils, cutlery, and crockery and cleaning equipment. Internet is not included.

The accommodation office is not open every day. Before leaving home make sure you have agreed about meeting point and meeting time with a tutoring student! The tutor student will have keys for your accommodation. The accommodation reservations have been done according to the date you have given as arrival date on your application documents. Please make sure you have given the exact information!

VVO & Lumo: Rental apartments Riihimäki

VVO and Lumo offer rental housing for all needs! Internet and water are included to the price. Rent security deposit is only 250 euros. See more on:

Alkuasunnot Oy

Provides housing for young people, 18-29 year olds. In Riihimäki location we have 86 houses. Riihimäen seudun nuorisoasunnot ry makes decisions and contracts with tenants.