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Study modes in Construction Engineering

13.11.2018 12:26

The studies include traditional lectures, laboratory works, working in the groups, visits to companies and building sites and project works.

Keeping students central is our principle in everything we do.

In Construction engineering students will study together in weekdays monday to friday between 8-16. Studying is equivalent to working at a job: the student is present and works together with others in a diverse way.

Daily learning situations could be:

  • Traditional classroom learning.
  • Laboratory work and exercises.
  • Learning by doing practical exercises, projects etc.
  • Learning at the workplace – projects from working life, an internship etc.
  • E-learning at home or anywhere.

Construction Engineering exchange studies

Exchange studies

Degree Programme in Construction Engineering has partner universities in almost 20 different countries in Europe. It is recommendable to go for an exchange period abroad after your second study year.

Construction Engineering double degree

Double degree

There is an additional possibility to study abroad by completing a Double Degree, partly at HAMK and partly at Danish VIA University College.

One option for the Construction Engineering students is to study part of their studies (1-2 years) in VIA University College Denmark and get a double diploma. Students will graduate from HAMK University of Applied Sciences as Bachelor of Engineering and from VIA University College Denmark as Constructing Architect or Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Please note that there might be a tuition fee in Denmark for non-EU students.

Work placement

Work placement

Work placement is a part of studies, where students become familiar with the working life and are able to apply learnt knowledge in practice. It is also an important way to get contacts to the working life.

Length​ of work placement is 5 months and it is worth 30 credits. Work placement could be done any time during the studies. Common practice is to make it during summers.​