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Study modes in International Business

13.11.2018 12:23

8-16 and 18-100 study modes

Learning by Doing

Theory supported by practice forms the basis of your University of Applied Sciences studies. The Degree Programme in International Business provides a flexible combination of theory and practice to prepare you for an international career. The main method used in teaching is learning-by-doing.

A student centred focus is predominant in the degree programme, and to support this we offer the 8-16 (full-time) and 18-100 (part time) study modes:

8-16: The student will study each day between the hours of 8-16, and will accumulate credits on a weekly basis.  The student will receive guidance and support throughout their study period, and will work together in teams/groups that will simulate the workplace environment.

18-100: The student will have contact lessons approximately once a month in the Friday evenings and on Saturdays. Teaching method will be close to flipped class room so that the student is able to combine his daily work into given assignments. The study method requires independence as well as the capability of working in teams.