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Marika Tossavainen

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I am interested in utilization of plant and microalgal based biochemicals in products and applications such as food, feed and cosmetics. My background is in applied microalgal research. Currently, my research focuses on vertical farming of plants and impact of growth conditions for plant metabolism. My research is strongly linked to circular economy and sustainable production of natural chemical compounds. I have long experience in collaboration projects between academy and industry.


Bioeconomy 4.0, Data driven knowledge creation and utilization in bio processes, Ministry of Education and Culture (2019-2020), Algae Factory, Business Finland (2018-2019), LEVARBIO, Utilization of algal components and biomass as food, feed, and fuel, ERDF (2016-2017), ALGOMEG, Health Promoting Food and Feed from micro algal omega -3 fatty acids, pigments, and bioactive peptides produced on Food Industry Side Streams, Tekes, (2014-2015), ALGIND, Algae Business Opportunities in India for Finnish Companies, Tekes (2013-2014), Etsivät, Elintarviketeollisuuden sivuvirrat hyötykäyttöön (Technology developement for utilization of Food Industry Side Streams), Finnish Cultural Foundation (2020-2022)


Bioactive metabolic products, circular economy, algae, vertical farming


PhD, University of Helsinki, Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme