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Career planning
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Career planning

You plan your career throughout your life: before, during and even after your studies. Your choices have an impact on your progress and being able to reach a dream job requires a systematic, goal-oriented and dedicated mindset. Make this your own career project.

Career planning consists of many aspects: What kind of job do you want? Where do graduates from your field work? What requirements do the employers have? What kind of skills you should acquire? What kind of personal study plan (PSP) and which profiling modules support the development of your skills? How does the career planning of an employee differ from an entrepreneur’s career planning?

The purpose of this career planning website is to help students recognize their own skills and find ways to demonstrate them. Looking for an internship or employment entails making materials about your competence, such as portfolios, resumes (CV) and job applications. This site aims to develop these skills.

Career guidance and support in career projects is available from guidance counselors, teachers, alumni, recruitment professionals and employers. Keep in mind that people usually talk about their jobs and career paths unreservedly.

Career planning topics in a nutshell:

  • WHAT IS COMPETENCE? – How to recognize, acknowledge and highlight the skills, strengths and competence you have?
  • JOB SEARCH SKILLS – Find out how to strengthen your job search skills – practice makes perfect!
  • WHAT KIND OF JOB – Learn more about possible workplaces and career paths, familiarize yourself with alumni stories from your field
  • CAREER PROJECT – Turn career planning into your personal career project – and include it in your studies

Guidance of studies  – be in contact with your guidance counselor for additional information!

Be active!

Be curious

Go from words to actions

Take chances

Ask for help when needed

Share your thoughts and ideas with others

Build bridges between different things

Learn from failures and setbacks

surprise yourself with unexpected situations

Remember to dream

Always believe in yourself

Try, experiment and make progress

Be determined and persistent