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Freezing Week 2024

5–8 FEB 2024



Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), the School of Business, Design and Technology, is pleased to invite international partners and colleagues to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Freezing Week on 5-8 February 2024, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

The theme of the event is Making Sense of AI in Education. 

We will learn together about the possibilities and limitations of AI in learning, teaching, and guidance counselling.

We will have interesting keynote speakers and hands-on workshops as well as social events where you can network and mingle with international guests. You also get to experience the beauty of winter in Finland.

The programme and social events are free for the participants.

We are looking forward to meeting you at HAMK in February 2024!

Did you visit this year’s event? Give us feedback via this link and download the show slides from below programme.

Monday 5 Feb​​

Evening​: Get together event

Tuesday 6 Feb

9.00–10.00 Registration ​

10.00–11.00 Grand Opening

11.00–12.00 ​Keynote 1:
AI in​ Higher Education​

12.00–13.00 Lunch

13.00–16.00 ​Staff Workshop 1: Test and try AI in teaching and learning

Wednesday 7 Feb

9.00–10.00 Keynote 2:
Empowering Students with AI ​

10.00–12.00 Staff workshop 2:
AI in Guidance and Support of Students ​​

12.00–13.00 Lunch

13.00–14.00 ​Panel Discussion: Ethical use of AI

14.00–16.00 Staff workshop 3​: Make learning materials with AI – Case of Circular Economy (ByP4Dev)

18.00–22.00 10th Anniversary​ Event, Häme Castle

Thursday 8 Feb

9.00–11.00 International Fair​

11.00 Closing Freezing Week

11.00–12.00 ​Lunch​

13.00–17.00 ​Winter Experience 1​ or Winter Experience 2 according to your choice

Winter Experience 1: Try a kicksledge, ice fishing a frozen lake, or learn to set a campfire. Enjoy a snack by the campfire.

Winter Experience 2: Enjoy the warmth of a Finnish sauna and a dip into a frozen lake. Enjoy an after-sauna snack.

Accomondation and Practicalities

Do you need a place to stay during Freezing Week? Below you will find some accommodation options in Hämeenlinna. Also we have gathered some essential information prior your arrival in Hämeenlinna, Finland. 

All participants to Freezing Week book their own accommodation directly from the hotel/hostel/Airbnb. We have negotiated discounts for Scandic Hämeenlinna City that you can take advantage.

Scandic Hämeenlinna City

Hotel Scandic Hämeenlinna City offers rooms to our guests at following prices  

  • 101 euros/night (non-refundable), standard double room, includes breakfast and free wi-fi
  • 114 euros/night, (free cancellation and rebooking), standard double room, includes breakfast and free wi-fi
  • 112 euros/night (non-refundable), standard room for three, includes breakfast and free wi-fi
  • 127 euros/night (free cancellation and rebooking), standard room for three, includes breakfast and free wi-fi

Check more options on the website. Hotel is in the city center.

Book the room:
All guests can book rooms themselves, click here to book room with special price >>>

Phone: +358 3 4108 1632

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Standard single room 115 EUR / room / day
Superior single room 140 EUR / room / day
Standard double room 130 EUR / room / day
Superior double room 155 EUR / room / day

Room rate includes a generous buffet breakfast and VAT.

Reservation code: FW24
Sokos Hotels sales office +358300 870 000 or Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Hämeenlinna, tel. +35820 1234 636

You can also make the reservation online: Reservation code then: BFW24

( choose the city and accommodation dates and add reservation code )
Last date to make reservation with this contract rate from the allotment is 21.1.2024

Other options: 

Freezing Week is organized in Hämeenlinna University Center at Visamäki (Visamäentie 35 A, Hämeenlinna).

HAMK wireless visitor network

A wireless visitor network is available in all HAMK campuses.

Tap water

Finland has pure and healthy tap water, which is available almost anywhere free of charge. Tap water in Finland is among the highest quality in the world and needs no treatment in many areas. If you carry your own reusable bottle with you (and hopefully you do), you can fill your own bottle from the tap.

Suitable clothing and footwear

Always check the weather forecast before your trip: Foreca or Finnish Meteorological Institute

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Hämeenlinna in February is -11.0°C. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around -4.0°C.

For most of the year, the key to a perfect Finland outfit is layers. Visitors travelling to Hämeenlinna should definitely plan on bringing a warm sweater and winter jacket as well as winter shoes since there will be periods of snow. Also pack warm gloves and warm, preferably windproof hat.

Living with allergies

If you have allergies or special diets, you certainly do not need to worry! Finland and HAMK follow the EU regulations that require certain allergens to be always mentioned in the food tags. For more detailed information, please read here.


S-group markets and K-group markets are the two most common supermarket chains in Finland, from which you can shop for everyday groceries. There are also Lidl and TokmanniR-kioski is the convenience store chain.

Money and paying

ATM = OTTO or NOSTO. ATMs are available in many central places, and you can withdraw cash with internationally recognised credit cards.

In Finland, the most common method of payment is a debit or credit card. Foreign debit and credit cards can be used in Finland, but it is best to check with your card provider before arriving in Finland.


If you need to visit the pharmacy during your visit, the place is called Apteekki in Finnish. If you need other health services, you can find information here.

Emergency number 112

There is only one emergency number in Finland – 112. Please do not call the emergency number unless you have a genuine emergency for which you need urgent assistance from the authorities (police, paramedics, firefighters, or social services). Please refer to Emergency Response Centre Agency Finland for more detailed information on calling the emergency number. You can also download the 112 Suomi application.

Travelling to Hämeenlinna

Hämeenlinna campus is in Visamäki, 2 km from the Hämeenlinna city centre.

The nearest airports are Helsinki-Vantaa and Tampere-Pirkkala. You can take a bus or a train to Hämeenlinna from both airports.

Travel by bus: Matkahuolto I Onnibus

Travel by train: Finnish Railways VR (You can also download an app called VR Matkalla)

Bus connection from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Hämeenlinna:

The bus connection from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport to Hämeenlinna is the easiest way to get to Hämeenlinna.  A bus to Hämeenlinna sets off several times a day and takes a little over an hour. The prices vary from around 11€ up to 19€. Express buses to Hämeenlinna depart right outside the airport terminal. The ticket can be purchased from the bus driver or beforehand online. Please note that you may have to change buses in Keimolanportti Service Station, about 10 minutes’ drive from the airport. It is best to consult the driver about the possible change. For more information about the bus schedules and travel details, please visit Matkahuolto or Onnibus.

Trains from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Hämeenlinna

The train station is located at the airport on the arrivals floor, at the corridor between Terminals 1 and 2. The total journey from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Hämeenlinna takes about 1,5 hours depending on the changing time in Tikkurila. I and P trains cover the Ring Rail between the city centre and Helsinki Airport. Nearly all long-distance and most commuter trains stop at Tikkurila, where you’ll have to change trains to get to Hämeenlinna.

Make sure to buy a ticket from the airport all the way to Hämeenlinna (it is cheaper like that). On commuter train (Commuter train I, P and R) you can sit anywhere and on InterCity/Pendolino trains you’ll get an assigned seat.

Make sure to buy a ticket before entering the train – no tickets are sold on trains. Tickets can be bought from Finnish Railways VR or VR Matkalla app.

Bus Connection from Tampere to Hämeenlinna

Tampere-Pirkkala airport is located 6 km for the city centre. Bus line 103 operates between the airport and city centre.

You can take a bus from Tampere city centre to Hämeenlinna (you can find the timetables at Matkahuolto and Onnibus). The ride will take an hour.

Trains from Tampere to Hämeenlinna

Tampere-Pirkkala airport is located 6km for the city centre. Bus line 103 operates between the airport and city centre. The walk from bus station to the railway station is little under 1km and takes around 10 minutes. From Tampere you can choose either a commuter train or Intercity/Pendolino train to Hämeenlinna. This will take about an hour.

Make sure to buy a ticket before entering the train – no tickets are sold on trains. Tickets can be bought from Finnish Railways VR or VR Matkalla app.

Information about transportation in Hämeenlinna

Scandic Aulanko is located approximately 5 kilometres away from the Hämeenlinna city centre and the railway station can be reached by a local bus that stops right in front of the hotel.

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is located 1 kilometre from the Hämeenlinna city centre and 150 metres from the railway station, so it easily reached whether you arrive by bus or train.

Scandic Hämeenlinna City is located in the heart of Hämeenlinna city centre, and the railway station is just 2 kilometres away, easily reached either by foot, taxi or bus.

By taxi

Usually there are taxis waiting on in front of the railway station, bus station or city centre marketplace. In Hämeenlinna there is no Uber service. You can also call a taxi from Taxi Häme (+358 200 55 111).

By bus

Local buses stop in front of the railway station as well. For the local bus route info and timetables you can visit this website. Bus number 2 goes from Aulanko via railway station and city centre all the way up to Hämeenlinna University Centre (bus stop is called Korkeakoulu P). Bus tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver by cash (they do not accept bills over 20€ and prefer the exact change), by card (contactless payment– they accept most of the debit/credit cards, you can only pay your own bus ticket) or via Waltti – a mobile app.

Convenient bus stops for you:

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna -> Railway station (stop B)

Scandic Aulanko -> in front of the hotel

Scandic Hämeenlinna City -> Bus station (stop D)

Hostel Naurava Kulkuri -> Bus stop at Lahdensivuntie

Hämeenlinna University Centre -> terminus at Korkeakoulu P

Contact us: