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Häme University of Applied Sciences’ publications are created through education and research. We publish, for example, various teaching materials and research and development results.

We publish articles, recordings and videos by our professionals. All HAMK publications are peer reviewed.


HAMK Beat is a reviewed blog published by Häme University of Applied Sciences.

The purpose of the blog is to provide information about what we do, and what we do best, in an understandable and easy-to-read way.

HAMK Unlimited

HAMK Unlimited is a publishing platform, which aggregates three, separate, HAMK-based publications onto one website.


HAMK E-publications is a place where, under certain circumstances, PDF-format e-publications are published at HAMK. The e-publications are i.e. project reports or special publications.

Print publications

Selling of HAMK’s printed publications ended on 31.12.2015. Printed publications are only produced at HAMK for specific needs.

The following print items can be requested at

Publication data collection

Publication data collection is related to the Ministry of Education and Culture data collection entity. Some of the funding of higher education institutions is determined by means of data collection. In publication data collection at universities of applied sciences, funding is determined on grounds of the number of staff publications. 

Detailed specifications have been set for publications to be included in data collection for publication. The specifications are available in the Publication data collection instructions for researchers. The instructions are intended for all those reporting publications for data collection. 

At HAMK, publications are announced through the national Justus service. The first time, select HAMK from the eDuuni ID list. In the future, logging in will open directly to the Haka login. 

Publications reported for data collection may be checked in the portal. You can find information about a single organisation or person’s publication using advanced search. 

The library is responsible for the data collection for publication at HAMK. Where necessary, you will receive support and advice for data collection at 

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