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Elise Stenroos is the new Head of Degree Programme in Forestry

Elise Stenroos will start as Head of Degree Programme for Forestry and Sustainable Forest Management degree programmes in Evo from the beginning of the year 2024. Elise has previously worked as a lecturer at Evo and is looking forward to developing the education and the campus together with the rest of the staff. Antti Sipilä, the current Head of Degree Programme, will be moving to the position of Lecturer.

Stenroos graduated in forest sciences from the University of Helsinki in the early 2000s and has spent most of her career in Stora Enso’s wood procurement organisation. Her roles as a specialist have included harvesting, transport and planning, as well as leading various operational teams and national transport process. After graduation, she worked for a few years in environmental education. She has enjoyed her educational and teaching roles and obtained her pedagogical qualification at HAMK well before starting her own career at HAMK.

Stenroos has been working in forestry education at the Evo campus for about three years. During this time she has been involved in teaching wood procurement, but also basic skills such as forest management, forest ecology and a module on forest service business.

When asked what Stenroos would like to see developed in forestry education and on campus, she answers broadly. “Evo has a skilled and professional staff and I look forward to working together to develop Evo’s activities, including update of the curriculum. The curriculum update will open up new opportunities for us to collaborate with both business and other educational institutions. We are in the middle of the forest, learning about forests, which is definitely one of our strengths, but diversifying our teaching through various collaborative projects is our goal.”

Stenroos hopes that in her new role she will be able to develop forestry education based on HAMK’s strategic objectives, taking into account the strengths and characteristics of Evo.

“As the world and the environment we operate in change, it is important that we are able to respond to the change while maintaining quality education,” Stenroos sums up.

Antti Sipilä, the current Head of Degree Programme, will take up a lectureship at Evo at the turn of the year. In addition to his teaching duties Sipilä will continue to work with our network in the field.

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