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Home Entrepreneur: “The student project was an investment of time that paid off many times over”

Entrepreneur: “The student project was an investment of time that paid off many times over”

Carita Nyberg is interested in expanding her business abroad. She welcomes the help she received from students in identifying potential new markets.

What added value can international student projects bring? According to Carita Nyberg, entrepreneur at Keys 2 Balance, which develops work communities, a lot. HAMK International Business students carried out a Market Entry mapping based on Carita’s needs. These students are experts in international business and global business environments, who are able to use cross-cultural communication and also process cultural knowledge from the students’ own cultural backgrounds to support knowledge management.

Carita particularly praised the students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning about her business and finding ways to help it move forward. She herself was so enthusiastic about the project that she decided to take part in another one immediately afterwards. That one is about digital marketing for a company. As a result, the IB students will produce new marketing material for her.

“I’m really glad I took part. I had a nice team working on a plan for me on how to conquer new markets. It gave me new ideas and fresh perspectives, after some time of studying on my own,” sums up Carita Nyberg.

Carita warmly recommends participating in the student project to other entrepreneurs because it makes you stop and think.

“It didn’t require much from me. Mainly the attitude that when I give of myself, I get a lot back. I can say that it was an investment of time that paid off many times over.”

Bringing experts and students together

Student projects are able to deliver highly targeted cooperation and concrete services, directly to the different needs of the company. A good example of the services provided for internationalisation and business expansion is the Häme Smart Growth project, which included a “sprint student project” for Carita Nyberg, described above.

The project develops the internationalisation and innovation prerequisites of SMEs in Kanta-Häme and promotes the commercialisation of product and service innovations on international markets. It seamlessly combines expert and educational services to support business development. In the concept, experts prepare companies for international commercialisation and HAMK International Business students complement the service concept with company-specific projects.

Is your company in need of such cooperation? Find out more about the project and the services offered!