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Home “Fossil-free steel will be a big deal” – Research in Hämeenlinna aims for more ecologically sustainable steel materials

“Fossil-free steel will be a big deal” – Research in Hämeenlinna aims for more ecologically sustainable steel materials

Antti Markkula, Development & Support Director for Tubular Products at SSAB Europe, is pleased.

“We have been collaborating with HAMK Tech since its establishment, for twenty-five years. They have everything needed: research-appropriate equipment, high-level expertise, and a genuine commitment to investing in partnership and its development,” says Markkula.

HAMK Tech develops design and manufacturing methods that improve the competitiveness of its customers and open up new business opportunities. Key research areas include materials for manufacturing industries, design and manufacturing technologies, construction, and the energy efficiency of the built environment.

“The research we commission is mainly related to coated thin sheet steels used, for example, in building roofs and facades. Through collaboration, our products have been further improved,” says Markkula, who also has a long history in the development of coated thin sheet steels.

Through this collaboration, Hämeenlinna has become home to a nationally significant Steel Construction Excellence Center (SCEC). It is an operating environment for steel construction formed by educational institutions, companies, development organizations, and research institutions that enhances Finland’s competitiveness in the field.

Multifaceted collaboration has, for example, raised the quality of HAMK’s technical studies and profiled Hämeenlinna as a center for high-quality steel construction,” notes Markkula.

Emissions from the steel industry have long been three times higher compared to, for example, air travel. According to Markkula, the next big thing in the market will be emission-reducing fossil-free steel.

“SSAB is already one of the world’s most carbon-efficient steel companies, and our next goal is to bring completely fossil-free steel to the market by developing our manufacturing methods. We will also be researching and further developing fossil-free steel products with HAMK Tech using refined state-of-the-art methods over the years.”

The Bettemaker Partners

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