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Home HAMK explores the possibility of moving its Riihimäki campus to Asemanseutu

HAMK explores the possibility of moving its Riihimäki campus to Asemanseutu

Häme University of Applied Sciences wants to explore options for the new location of its Riihimäki campus. The aim is to renew the facilities to meet the evolving needs of teaching and research and to increase the vitality of the city together with other actors.

Häme University of Applied Sciences is exploring the possibility of finding a suitable location for the HAMK Riihimäki campus in Riihimäki Asemanseutu area. At the same time, Hyria Education (Hyria) would purchase the existing Riihimäki property for its use. The new campus could be located in the Matkakeskus area, either in existing or new premises or north of the Veturitallit area.

Moving to Asemanseutu district would strengthen the accessibility, growth and competitiveness of the HAMK campus. In addition, HAMK wants to modernise its teaching facilities in a way that enables new learning in accordance with the DBE (Design Based Education) model. Another important prerequisite is to develop student housing in Riihimäki to allow for a controlled increase in student numbers.

“When completed, the new campus will significantly revitalise and support the development of Riihimäki’s city centre. It will bring us even closer to the expanding metropolitan area. We want to create an inspiring and modern environment for students, where working life and companies are involved in their daily work. Our UAS is also committed to strong and deepening cooperation with Hyria,” says Pertti Puusaari, President of HAMK.

The current degree programmes at the Riihimäki campus include mechanical engineering, information and communication technology and transport. The new degree programmes to start in 2024 will be Sustainable Urban Design and ICT and Robotics.

Letter of intent between HAMK, the City of Riihimäki and Hyria

The relocation of the campus will be handled by a letter of intent between HAMK, the City of Riihimäki and Hyria, which was approved by the boards of HAMK and Hyria earlier this week. The Memorandum of Understanding will be submitted to the Riihimäki City Council for approval on Monday.

The letter of intent is non-binding in nature. The aim of the agreement is to strengthen the common will of the parties.

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