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Home HAMK ranked 14th in international comparison of sustainable development in higher education institutions

HAMK ranked 14th in international comparison of sustainable development in higher education institutions

Häme University of Applied Sciences ranked 14th among nearly one thousand participants, in the GreenMetric ranking, measuring the sustainability of higher education institutions’ operations and operational environment. The position has improved annually, as HAMK ranked 35th in 2020 and 87th in 2019.

There were participants from all continents and the number of participants has increased annually. HAMK did the best of the four participating Finnish higher education institutions: The University of Eastern Finland ranks 34, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences ranks 320, and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences ranks 420. In the lead were Wageningen University from the Netherlands, University of Nottingham from Great Britain, and University of Groningen from the Netherlands.

The comparison examined measures promoting sustainable development in education, research, passenger transport, and property management. As a new area of measurement, it was examined how sustainably higher education institutions have been able to operate despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The examination included, for example, how the higher education institution has supported the society at regional, national, and international level, as well as how health secure the activities have been.

HAMK’s good position is explained, among other things, by strong expertise in water consumption management and waste management, as well as an abundant offer of sustainable development education. In addition, HAMK received good scores in pandemic issues, which included mapping the cleanness of facilities, smooth online teaching, and the number of graduates despite emergency conditions.

There is still room for improvement in the preparation of publications related to sustainable development, as well as in the reporting and visibility of events in the theme.

The examination concerned the measures for 2020. The results were not influenced by the decrease in travel, as this issue, which has a significant impact on the sustainability of operations, was considered in the phrasing of the questions.

The GreenMetric comparison has been organised since 2010, and it is based on the UI GreenMetric University Rankings Network led by the University of Indonesia.