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Home Joint application has ended – The number of applicants for HAMK’s international degree programmes continued growing

Joint application has ended – The number of applicants for HAMK’s international degree programmes continued growing

Joint application period closed on Wednesday 18.1.2023. All of HAMK’s Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes in English were included in the application, with a total of 8160 applicants from all over the world. The number of applicants more than tripled compared to the previous year. New forestry degree programme also received almost 450 applications.

Among HAMK’s English-taught programmes, nine programmes leading to a Bachelor’s degree and two programmes leading to a Master’s degree were applied for. The most popular degree programme was Computer Applications, which attracted more than 2000 applications. The second most popular, International Business, received over 1400 applications. The third most popular degree programme was Information Communication Technology with a focus on bioeconomy, with a total of 1100 applications.

HAMK’s newest degree programmes in the natural resources also attracted applicants. Smart Organic Farming degree programme became increasingly popular and the brand new degree programme, Sustainable Forest Management, also attracted more than 400 applications. The programme start in autumn at HAMK’s Evo campus.

This year, HAMK received applications from over 120 countries. 97.5% of the applicants were international and about 2.5% Finnish. Last year, the corresponding proportion of international applicants was 92.7%.

Attracting international talent to Finland is a national goal, and its realisation has been reflected in the increasing trend in the number of applicants to higher education institutions for several years now. At HAMK, too, growing the international higher education community is a strategic goal, with the aim of significantly increasing the number of international students by 2030. In recent years, HAMK has increased the number of English-taught degree programmes offered.

Progress of the selection process

HAMK’s English-taught UAS programmes use the national online International UAS Exam as a student selection method. Smart and Sustainable Design programme uses HAMK’s own online examination.

The International UAS Exam is entirely online and consists of two parts. The first part will be a written exam, which will take place on Wed 8 February 2023 at 12.00 UCT+2. Eligible candidates with the highest marks in the written test will be invited to the second stage, which will be a group interview. The group interviews will take place at HAMK from 6 March to 17 March 2022.

For Smart and Sustainable Design, a two-phase online selection test will be organised by HAMK from 27 to 29 March 2022. Those who successfully complete the motivation letter and the design tasks in the first part will be invited to the second part, which will be an online English language test.

The selection procedure for the Master’s degree programmes in English is also a two-stage process. It consists of a preliminary task and an interview. The Sustainable Technologies programme includes a research plan and a motivation letter, as well as an individual online interview. Management in Sustainable Business consists of a research or development plan as a preliminary task, followed by an online group interview.

Applicants will be informed of the results by 2 June 2023 at the latest.

Applications for degree programmes in English are still open

Applications for HAMK’s English-taught programmes starting in autumn 2023 can still be submitted in HAMK’s own Direct application. The Direct Application period for HAMK’s degree programmes has started on 1 October 2022 and will continue until the end of March 2023. The Direct Application call for Master level UAS degree programmes starts on 19 January and ends on 30 April 2023. All HAMK’s degree programmes in English are still available, except for International Business and Computer Applications, for which the Direct Application period ended on 20 December 2022 when the study places recerved for Direct Application were filled.