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Malin Hagström, Accommodation Manager

Malin Hagström is often the first contact for students coming to HAMK from abroad, helping them to find accommodation during their studies. Depending on the situation, a lot of guidance and advice is needed. As a accommodation manager, she is also the contact between HAMK and the local authorities on campus cities and towns.

“I inform the municipalities how many students are coming and whether they might have families with them, which is a growing trend. It is important that municipalities know how to prepare for other service needs, such as school and day-care places,” says Malin.

Malin’s third task is to develop processes to ensure that the practicalities of incoming students run as smoothly as possible, so that situations are not too stressful for the students or those advising them.

Malin says she meets several dozen international students every week, typically through webinars or other electronic communication channels.

Malin’s first idea that the HAMK concept of Bettermaking evokes, is that students are making the world a better place, and it’s up to HAMK staff to provide the tools to do that.

“In my own work, I am making the students’ journey here better, so I try to make it as comfortable and easy as possible. Some of the students go along with me for months at a time and I like to be part of their big life change,” says Malin.

Encounters with people in campus cities also seem, at best, to develop concrete things in a good direction.

“For example, it has been really nice to work with the city of Forssa. I noticed that they also want to improve the well-being of international students. When we walk hand in hand in the same direction, it’s always a happy thing and a success.”