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Home Managing the Workforce Shortage in the Healthcare Sector in Kanta-Häme with New Solutions – ’Every Stone Must Be Turned’

Managing the Workforce Shortage in the Healthcare Sector in Kanta-Häme with New Solutions – ‘Every Stone Must Be Turned’

According to statistics, tens of thousands of professionals have switched from the healthcare sector to other industries. The Oma Häme wellbeing services county and HAMK are collaborating on initiatives to facilitate the return of professionals to the healthcare field.

‘The career path begins with education,’ summarizes Johanna Bjerregård Madsen, HR Director of the Oma Häme wellbeing services county.

Oma Häme collaborates with HAMK on educational and research initiatives. Bjerregård Madsen mentions the development of training content to meet the needs of the workforce, as well as student guidance and internships, which are crucial for student engagement in the region.

Bjerregård Madsen is particularly enthusiastic about the ‘Back to Nursing’ supplementary training, which, as the name suggests, attracts healthcare professionals from other sectors back to the field. According to statistics from the National Institute for Health and Welfare, there are tens of thousands of such professionals across Finland.

According to Bjerregård Madsen, the labor shortage in the field is a real problem, and in seeking solutions, every stone must be turned.

‘Together, we are building a path that ensures the employee’s return to the field. We recruit individuals, and they have the opportunity to participate in HAMK’s targeted training or, if needed, other studies to update their skills to meet today’s requirements,’ explains Bjerregård Madsen.

Oma Häme guarantees employment, provides orientation, and supports the completion of theoretical studies by granting flexible working hours as needed.

The partnership includes communicative collaboration, where HAMK and Oma Häme aim to increase the appreciation of social and health care professions and highlight the diversity of roles and tasks within the social and health care sector.

‘Social and health care is more than what the media presents. For example, our organization can offer as many as 400 different job titles that allow individuals to do this meaningful work related to the entire span of life,’ says Bjerregård Madsen.

A large organization also provides the opportunity to try out various roles, develop, and build the future of social and health care and rescue services.

According to her, the best aspect of the partnership with HAMK is openness and immediacy.

‘We know each other and the needs of the region. No organization overcomes challenges alone; it requires precisely this kind of collaboration between the workforce and the educational institution.

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