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Colour palette for bio-based dyes and pigments

Project info

ImplementorUniversity of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University, Häme University of Applied Sciences, Luonnonvarakeskus Luke, Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT, North Carolina State University, Campinasin yliopisto
FundingSuomen Akatemia, strategisen tutkimuksen neuvosto

The BioColour research project is developing new methods for the production and use of bio-colourants.

The current dye industry uses mostly synthetic dyes. The use of dyes derived from bio-based compounds is very limited and most materials have to be dyed with synthetic dyes due to lack of alternatives. Therefore, new natural and sustainable alternatives for the dyeing industry need to be found and a palette of bio-based dyes needs to be developed.

The BioColour research project will develop new methods for the production and use of bio-dyes. To increase eco-efficiency, the aim is to use forestry and food industry by-products as a source of dyes, but research will also focus on various cultivated colour plants and colour-producing microbes. The aim is to create a ‘colour palette’ of bio-dyes, including yellow, red, brown, green, blue and black.


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