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Renewing business with
circular economy know-how

Project Information

ProjectKIITO – Renewing business with
circular economy know-how
PartnersHäme University of Applied Sciencesu
LAB University of Applied Sciences
Häme TE services
FundingHäme ELY Center
Budgetapprox. 550 000 €

The project takes the first systematic steps to develop companies’ new circular economy business models by utilizing the opportunities provided by digitalization in the supply chains of SMEs.

The circular economy has risen to a significant role in the social debate, the new business opportunities created by the circular economy are just beginning to emerge. Circular economy business models can better meet the demands of sustainable development, resource efficiency and customer expectations, strengthening companies’ competitiveness. Digitization also plays a significant role in promoting the circular economy, as digital solutions can be used to increase e.g. recycling of materials, extends the service life of products and increases their utilization rate.

The transition to a circular economy requires investing in skills development in different industries: new jobs are created, some jobs disappear, and most jobs change in one way or another. The change in working life is predicted to require that 40% of employees renew their core skills in the next six years. Such a significant change requires wide-ranging competence development, especially in SMEs, e.g. with the help of continuing education.

The project takes the first systematic steps to develop companies’ new circular economy business models by utilizing the opportunities provided by digitization in the supply chains of SMEs. The students of HAMK and LAB universities of applied sciences participate in the project’s measures, which improves the availability of skilled labor and the ability of companies to renew themselves.


The project promotes the creation of new circular economy business models and the growth of the digital skills required for them in Kanta and Päijät-Häme SMEs and their supply chains. It supports the sustainable growth and green transition goals of the provinces by developing the region’s circular economy know-how. It strengthens the cooperation between universities and SMEs, increases companies’ competence in the field of circular economy and digitalization, and develops continuous learning training that meets the competence needs of SMEs.

The project has the following goals:

  • Promotes the development and implementation of circular economy business models
  • Secure a skilled workforce to implement circular economy business models
  • Promotes the development of digital expertise and solutions in sustainable business

Target Group

SMEs in Päijät and Kanta-Häme and the companies’ supplier network. Company personnel and managers.

Operating Area

The project operates in the Tavastia Proper and Päijänne Tavastia areas. The project is implemented in cooperation with the main implementer Häme University of Applied Sciences and sub-implementers LAB University of Applied Sciences and Häme TE services.

Project Actions and Results

The project supports companies to develop new sustainable business models. Participation is free of charge for the company.

For the company, participation means e.g. webinars, innovation workshops and student collaboration, which are used to create and structure a present state and a development plan of circular economy business opportunities in the company.

Contact Information

Project Managers:
HAMK, Marina Weck
LAB, Henri Heikkilä
Häme TE Services, Timo Tolonen

HAMK: Heikki Ruohomaa, Heidi Kerkola
LAB: Vesa Alatalo, Anna Pajari, Hanna Suutari
Häme TE Services: Heli Minkkinen, Marja Leppänen

Henri Heikkilä

RDI Specialist


vesa alatalo

Business Economy Lecturer


anna pajari

Business Economy Lecturer


hanna suutari

RDI Specialist


Timo Tolonen




Heli minkkinen



marja leppänen



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