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Low-carbon hybrid solutions for construction

Project info

ProjectLow-carbon hybrid solutions for construction (HYBRITUT)
ImplementorHämeen ammattikorkeakoulu
FundingBusiness Finland
Budget965 247 €

HYBRITUT, or the “Low-carbon hybrid solutions for construction” project, is a research project promoting low-carbon solutions in the built environment by investigating hybrid building solutions and their environmental impact.

Hybrid construction combines wood, concrete, and steel components using joining solutions to benefit from the best properties of each material. Hybrid construction is an emerging field, but more research is needed on the structural properties of the joints and hybrid constructions’ impact on carbon emissions.

The key objective of the project is to support the low-carbon construction industry by providing knowledge on hybrid construction and its ecological benefits. The research carried out in the project aims to meet the needs of companies to reduce the carbon footprint of construction through new building solutions, such as demountable and reusable connection solutions, which are also sustainable and fire-safe.

Partners in the HAMK-lead project are Peikko Group Oy, Versowood Oy, Oy CrossLam Kuhmo Ltd, AFRY Buildings Finland Oy, Kiilto Oy, LignoSphere Company Oy sekä portugalilainen Coimbran yliopisto.

Research measures carried out in the project

  • Investigating the environmental effects of hybrid connection solutions by assessing the life cycle of buildings. It is essential, e.g. to examine design for disassembly for modifiable buildings achieved by means of demountable joints, and the effects of non-toxic glues on the life cycle of glued wood products.
  • Studying the functionality and usability of ecological lignin-based adhesives and coatings in the production of glulam and cross-laminated wood products. In addition, the applicability of new adhesives at the interface between steel fasteners and wood is investigated.
  • Studying the structural properties of hybrid connections and developing new solutions for both glulam and cross-laminated wood products.
  • Design and development of fire-safe hybrid connections and building solutions.
  • Developing the ecosystem of companies and research institutes belonging to the hybrid construction value chain and planning further measures aiming at innovations.

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